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April FNM

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Some interesting news via WoTC Monty today on the Mothership. Apparently there will be something rather special coming to a Friday Night Magic event at your local store on Friday 6th April, 2012. This evening we plan to be at our local gaming store OMG! Games & Collectibles in Barrie, Ontario, Canada-Land to score this piece of cardboard coolness..

What's the swag ? In addition to the normal FNM promo card (distributed to winners / however your tournament organiser runs things), all participants should be receiving the very first doulbe-faced token to see print.

These non-foil cards feature a 1/1 Human on one side, and a 2/2 Wolf on the other side. The Token illustrations featured on both sides are by artist Lars Grant-West. The FNM promo card for April by-the-way is a very cool alternate art Dismember (from New Phyrexia) by Jason Felix.

Normally, token cards in your Magic the Gathering booster pack contains the token on one side and an advertisement of sorts on the other side, such as this one here featuring a Shadowmoor Wolf token - also by Lars Grant-West.

Some players / gamers are already speculating that this two-sided token may have something to do with the upcoming set release and are already filling the forums with Avacyn Restored speculation. Our thinking is that this card was set to be printed as swag or booster insert when Innistrad was first released but Wizards of the Coast put it on the back burner, Dark Ascension was released and then a staffer realised that better late than never.

The timing however is rather interesting as well. In Monty's brief article, he speaks onto the importance of the moon in the plane of Innistrad's flavour. It so happens that Friday 6th April we will have a Full Moon (IRL). Villagers on Innistrad believe the moon to be a 'vast desert made of grains of pure silver', with magical / mythical properties. We can expect to see a continuation of this line of flavour as seen from the Avacyn Restored spoilers (card names only so far) - Moonsilver Spear - prerelease card and Sliverblade Paladin (buy-a-box promo).


The folks over at MTG Mint Card still has a very limited number of oversized foil Commander / EDH Generals. If you have not scored one of these to pimp out your build, we suggest you make tracks before they are all gone.

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