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Standard Mono-Green Aggro

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

For today's post, we are continuing with our Friday Night Magic theme and reviewing some of the new Magic the Gathering cards which are now making up some of the most coolest and varied standard constructed builds we've seen for a while. Specifically, the fodder of which we are using as a basis for this string of articles are the matches we had played at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario last Friday - the five matches we had last week provided a fairly decent sampling of players, deck archetpes / home brews, and game strategies which should, we believe, be representative of what you may see on game tables at your local WPN gaming / hobby store.

Anywhoos - onto the meat of this article -

For our 5th match, we were paired with store regular Taylor W (pictured here to the right). In the first four matches, we were going fairly strong with our B/W Tokens deck resulting with 1 loss and 3 wins, which meant that at this point, Taylor was doing not too badly and likely had some solid tech against the field of decks he was up against. Taylor admitted that he just assembled his build very recently that day, so it was rather fresh with room for improvements / tweaking. He had brought along this Mono-Green Aggro build :

22 Lands :
22x Forest

30 Creatures :
2x Young Wolf
1x Birds of Paradise
1x Llanowar Elf
2x Viridian Emissary
4x Ambush Viper
4x Strangleroot Geist
4x Predator Ooze
2x Dungrove Elder
1x Thrun, the Last Troll
2x Solemn Simulacrum
1x Acidic Slime
4x Vorapede
1x Garruk's Horde
1x Vorinclex

8 Other Spells :
2x Prey Upon
2x Hunger of the Howlpack
4x Lead the Stampede

During our two games, Taylor's play was most definitely aggresive and threatening. With critters with undying coming back for an encore to rapidly growing Predator Oozes, things could easily have gotten out of control in favour of the green monster. That would have been the case were it not for the rapid and succesive generation of tokens to chump block an otherwise deadly and game-ending assault.

After the match, which fell to us, we talked with Taylor who had already identified several potential improvements to his sideboard. Primarily, something to provide trample to plough through the damage. Taylor's choices may be found with cards such as Unnatural Predation, Triumph of the Hordes, or Overrun. Alternatively, by splashing a titch or red, he could easily run a few Kessig Wolf Run but at the expense potentially of Dungrove Elder which operates most effeciently with a full mono-green build. Whichever way Taylor decides to go, we are fairly certain that this will result in a build ready to take on most players.
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James Mattingly said...

i run a birthing pod, undying, ramp deck (which i might add is mono green) and i beleive that this decklist could be much better if u added a 2 or more pods