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Avacyn Restored UltraPro

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Only two newsworthy pieces Magic the Gathering related interest today - one is from Ultr•Pro, and the other from the Magic Arcana announcement regarding MTGO Cube format. Let's get to it -

If you've been reading MTG Realm for any time, you will realise that we relish our MTG spoilers and rumours. Traditionally, one of the first unofficial spoilers to hit the interwebs are art spoilers via gaming supplies giant, Ultra•Pro. Unfortunately no Avacyn Restored spoilers but we can report that some distributors working with Ultra•Pro indicate that the art in Avacyn Restored is so good that three more Playmats were ordered bringing the total number of AVR Playmats to a whopping SIX. Here are the UPR numbers for future reference for hobby / game store owners -

UPR 82930 - Vertical-load Deck
UPR 82931 - Top-load Deck
UPR 82932 - Horizontal-load Deck
UPR 82933 - MSide-load Deck
UPR 82934 - P laymat 1
UPR 82935 - Playmat 2
UPR 82936 - Playmat 3
UPR 82937 - 9-pocket Portfolio
UPR 82938 - Playmat 4
UPR 82939 - Playmat 5
UPR 82940 - Playmat 6
Next up :

Cube format is coming to Magic Online. If you don't know, Cube Draft combines elements of both Constructed and Limited play. To prepare for this format, a player or the group of players prepares a "cube". Specifically, a cube is selected set of at least 360 or moredifferent Magic cards. Once the cube has been completed, you can use it for almost any draft format, the most popular of which is to compile 15 random cards to make a booster packs from which a regular booster draft game can proceed.

Magic the Gathering Online will roll this out to coincide with PAX East (Friday April 6 to 8, 2012). Check out the details such as prizes and the pool HERE in the official announcement.

Preorder assorted Avacyn card lots at MTG Mint Card - This is the last chance for the early bird discount for the Avacyn Restored uncommon & common card sets.

For as low as $34.99, you can save a bundle.


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