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Avacyn Restored UPR Art

'Each breath you take is a sin. No shadow will be safe again, for you will be hunted by angels. '
Silas - The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown
Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

In a somewhat phrophetic post yesterday here on MTG Realm, we had gone over various news including upcomming Avacyn Restored
Ultra•Pro products. Well today over on Magic Arcana, WoTC Monty delivered the first realy Avacyn Restored spoiler - arts on the Ultra•Pro products. Of particular note is the availability of SIX playmats featuring four different angels (two are images of Avacyn herself) as well as a demon, in all liklihood Griselbrand - freshly released from the Helvault along with the angel Avacyn and a host of other nasties.

'nuff yattering, let's have a look . . .

UPR 82930 - Vertical-load Deck
UPR 82931 - Top-load Deck
UPR 82932 - Horizontal-load Deck
UPR 82933 - MSide-load Deck
UPR 82934 - P laymat 1
UPR 82935 - Playmat 2
UPR 82936 - Playmat 3
UPR 82937 - 9-pocket Portfolio
UPR 82938 - Playmat 4
UPR 82939 - Playmat 5
UPR 82940 - Playmat 6

We're thinking that if you are a fan of angels, you are going ga-ga just right now. Some rumour-mongers are proposing the possibility of a cylce of multi-coloured Angels and Demons, which should get the Commander / EDH crowd juiced up for this set.

You should know that the folks over that MTG Mint Card has Dark Ascension Ultra○Pro products available for like these card sleeves and deck boxes.


gravetitan said...

The look nice, but I've personally have had problems with Ultra Pros graphic sleeves. On another note, there seems to be a look of speculation that Baneslayer Angel will be repeated as one of angels for the set. I'm not sure if I agree, but what are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Ill be happy to see low cost angels. Im collecting helvaults bc they are useless and cheap now. With the storyline this set must be making a play on it.