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Avacyn Restored Trailer

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We realise that we have already providing you with a post to the MTG Realm blog earlier today (Duel Decks : Venser vs. Koth decklists), but as it turns out, today holds for Magic the Gathering gamers / fans more news. Specifically, in today's Magic Arcana, we were provided a sneak-peek of the Avacyn Restored Trailer. Wizards of the Coast have been providing some very good trailers ahead of the release of sets, the most impressive (we thought) being the 'All will be One' Scars of Mirrodin Mirran / Phyrexian Trailer. The last few trailers have bee good but could be great with improved character voice-overs.

Anywhoos, here's the video for Avacyn Restored - brace yourself for loads of possible card
Avacyn Restored art spoilers ! SCROLL DOWN for screen-caps of the potential new arts.

Legions of Angels have been given a renewed sense of purpose
and clearly strength is returning to our people.
Archmages are again weilding their devine power. Once fearsome predators are now subservient guardians. And this reign of darkness will end.

We are loving all the Angel love promised here in the trailer and look forward to what the other colours may hold. Griselbrand is also looking completely bad-a$$ - dude has a hammer and a sickle for appendages - Dang. Which means some lesser demon gets the job of spoon-feeding Big G and wiping for him too. Also peaking our interest - what the Human 'Archmage' may do.
The next set in the Duel Deck series, Venser vs. Koth is due out next month (March 30th). There is already a bit of hype about this set and we should very soon within the next few weeks have the full decklist. We suggest you stay tuned to MTG Mint Card which will have all the coolest singles from this set for pre-order.

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DawnOfHope2012 said...

DAMN YOU AVACYN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Werewolf Fan)
(Also I found my username Ironic in this sense)