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Magic Mario

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As it is Friday, we suggest you take this opportunity to leave your secret gaming lair and take in a Friday Night Magic event at your local games / hobby store - or just clean off that kitchen table and get some friends over. We will be heading out to OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario to sling some Magic the Gathering cards - that is - should the weather co-operate. There was a very brief snow storm which eliminated any visibility at all but seems to have cleared up a bit now.

Anywhoos - onto today's rather cyrptic post title - 'Magic Mario'.

You may recall (we hope with some fondness and nostalgia) our post in the fall of last year ('MTG Eye Candy'), which featured some very cool NES pixel art creations from some of your favourite games. Well, we had some time last evening, and feeling somewhat productive, decided to have an arts 'n' craft event in our MTG Realm Lair - the result - a very pixelated Mario done up with Magic the Gathering cards.

Not the best work, but we feel we can improve given some practice and are already thinking about our next creation - perhaps PacMan and his four best Ghost buddies - Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde - we just have to modify their colours to our five mana colours of Magic.

Here is the photographic record of the endeavor . . .

You know all those mana cards in your Fat Pack - this may be a good use for them. Remember to set up your pixel art before you start taping, gluing, etc. We chose to staple the cards together and then add some broad re-enforcing bands of Duct-Tape.

Very pixelated indeed but we found that the look improves the farther one moves away from it (just like that neighbour's fugly dog).

We know you have talent out there, so host your pixel creations and post us the linky.

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