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Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We here are MTG Realm have an opportunity today to take a look back at all those Magic the Gathering M12 spoilers and yatter about them. Specifically, we wanted some further discussion with the new blue lord from Magic 2012, Lord of the Unreal, which according to this post will be soon getting it's own event deck ..

Last week at Friday Night Magic, we saw another player with this card in their build. Unfortunately, we did not play against that deck or have an opportunity to check out their mix of cards altough we fairly certain what most players would brew up to game with. This human wizard provides a +1/+1 pump as well as hexproof to illusion creatures you control - so let's have a look at what illusion creatures there are currently in standard :

Summoner's Bane, Phantasmal Abomination, Aether Figment (a pumped-up / hexproof unblockable is pretty sweet), Phantasmal Image, Phantasmal Dragon, and Phantasmal Bear.

Additional support may be had through Phrexian Metamorph, Cryptosplasm, and even the fill-in-the-blank lord, Adaptive Automaton.

Now - onto the nitty-gritty.

One thing you will want to focus on as soon as you are ablt to is to copy your Lord of the Unreal with Phantasmal Image. This will now provide you with copy Lord of the Unreal with Phantasmal Image. The copy is still an illusion in addition to it's other types along with with it's drawback. What you have done also is give the Image the lord ability which is worded 'All Illusions you control', instead of 'All other Illusions you control', thus giving itself +1/+1 and Hexproof, including all your other Illusions. This would be pretty much the same as playing a Xenograft, naming 'illusions' as a creature type and giving your Lord of the Unreal the same hexproof. The weakness lies with any mass / blanket spells such as Day of Judgement or Black Sun's Zenith.

OK - let's next imagine a brilliant opening hand before we get into suggested servings -

Turn 1: Island / Phantasmal Bear
Turn 2: Island / Lord of the Unreal
Turn 3: Island / Phantasmal Image (of Lord of the Unreal)
VoilĂ  ! - you should now have three 4/4 hexproof creatures on turn 3 in addition to one blue mana available for a Spell Pierce or a Turn Aside.

As there are quite a few very lovely cards in blue, we leave it to you to how best decide what should go mainboard or sideboard depending upon your local metagame. Some suggestions we've received from local players include but are not limited to the following - Volition Reins, Distant Memories, Gitaxian Probe, Turn to Frog, Into the Roil, Spellskite, Distortion Strike, Grand Architect, Spreading Seas, Flashfreeze, etc.

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Tezrael said...

actually, even with that perfect hand, you would only have 2 4/4 hexproofs and the lord would still be a 2/2 since it isn't an illusion

that would still be very nice to have 2 4/4's on the field 3rd turn

Anonymous said...

Having a Turn Aside wont do anything in targeting your illusions; as ive been told by a judge. Onec a card targets yout illusion, he gets sacrificed, even if u counter the spell that targets him.

Anonymous said...

And hexproof...

Steel_Templar said...

Tezrael, has a good point, Lord of the nureal isnt a ilussion, they dont give hexproff to each other, but the clone, give it to himself.

xenograph looks like a good addicion to the deck, i was working on a similar deck too.

4 lord of the UNreal
4 Grand Achitect
4 Phyrexian metamorph
4 Pantasmal Image
4 Fantasmal Bear
3 Clones
2 Sun titan

4 mana Leaks
2 xenograph
4 Ponder
4 preordain

22 lands

Sun titan is to recover your creatures from graveyard, cuz most of them cost less than 3 mana is a First version need testing, and improving, but is a good start.


Steel_Templar said...

I wanted 2 add the automat, but didnt found any place, maybe instead of clones,

Anonymous said...

So why exactly does lord of the unreal give hexproof instead of shroud? While hexproof will nearly always be better than shroud it just seems so irreverent to me.

CopySix said...

Hey guys,
Thank you very much for the corrections - without you guys do the factc-heck and verification, my site would be rubbish.

Tezrael said...

turn Aside helps to protect the Lord, which is the major thing you want to protect.

Question for Steel Templar: how do you intend to get the Sun Titan Out..? you have no white sources lol

Codyman said...

Steel_Templar said 22 lands meaning some can be plains... but multicolor decks are really hard to pull off.

Codyman said...

but i was wondering if a self mill with mirror mad and skcab ruinators and sun titian would workout.