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Innistrad MaRo Tweets

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

It being Friday, we suggest you head on out to a local Friday Night Magic event and play Magic the Gathering. Alternatively, it being the long weekend here in Canada-Land, you could enjoy being stuck in Holiday traffic on the way up to the cottage or park and not play at the FNM - your choice. Speaking of the long weekend - we unfortunately will not be updating the website for the next few days as we are heading up north to play with wild bears and not blog about it cuz there's no freak'n internet or phone - so please, bear with us.

Anywhoos - while we are yattering about FNM, we should ensure that you are completely caught up with what the lastest promo cards are . . .

June, 2011 - Rhox War Monk

July, 2011 - Jace's Erasure

August, 2011 - Cultivate

Righto - next up - let's talk about the title of today's post - 'MaRo Tweets'.

We wanted to bring everyone up to date about what Mark Rosewater, MTG card designer over at WoTC has been saying about the upcoming set - Innistrad . . .!/maro254
@maro254 Seattle, WA
Magic Head Designer and Dedicated Family Man

Just spent the last twenty minutes opening Innistrad packs. I so badly want this set to come out. #somuchawesomenessstuffedineverypack
27 Jul

We were doing a printing check on the packs to make sure everything was as it should be.
27 Jul

I opened a Liliana, a bunch of werewolves & a foil of one of my favorite cards. I also opened a card I never thought would make it to print.
27 Jul

The foil copy of one of my favorite cards is a card that makes zombie tokens.
27 Jul

At the Magic panel I said that Liliana was new and that she's seeing plenty of FFL play.
27 Jul

"Tales from the Pit" #74 #TftP
21 hours ago

Today's #TftP officially outs the fourth tribe of Innistrad - ghosts (aka spirits). What colors do you all think they'll show up in?
20 hours ago

Ghosts appear in all five colors in Innistrad, but they're concentrated in just two colors. I'll tell you... after this commercial.
20 hours ago

The fourth tribe of Innistrad: Ghosts in W/U.
19 hours ago

Blue made a lot of sense as it played into many ghosts tropes: flying, unblockable, invisible, etc.
19 hours ago

I'm not revealing G/W's tribe today so talk amongst yourselves. I will say that it will make sense once you hear it.
19 hours ago

Let me stress as I did in the panel, Innistrad is not a tribal set. It's a horror themed set with a tribal component.
19 hours ago

When you draft Innistrad, you will have opportunities to draft tribes but you will never be forced to draft them. Innistrad is not Lorwyn.
19 hours ago

Invisible is not a new keyword. When we flavor things as invisible we tend to do a combination of hexproof and unblockable, both blue things
19 hours ago

To recap: WU: Ghosts, UB: Zombies, BR: Vampires, RG: Werewolves, GW: ???
19 hours ago
Yep - Ghosts and Zombies and Vampires and Werewolves - oh my !
We're gonna take a stab in dark here and call
/w Clerics . . . hey - could happen.

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Steel_Templar said...

" we are heading up north to play with wild bears and not blog about it"

I love it!

Thanks for adding the tweets, and confirm about the UW Ghosts.

David said...

I don't think GW will be clerics.
So far we've had 4 creature tribes, not class, and all of them have been monsters/horrors.

Tezrael said...

I think it might actually be Humans.. since white and green seem to be traditionally "good" and in the current scheme of things, humans seem good compared to the other tribes? Idk, just a thought

Jason Rivera said...

Something reptilian or leafy...Gorgons or Dryads?

Anonymous said...

How about GW spiders? With the Arachnus Spinner in M12 and the fact that there are already 2 spiders in MTG history that are GW it could be possible.

@Tezrael: Humans are integral in almost all horror movies, so I think they'll be represented throughout all colors. But it would be neat to have a "hero" in a horror set.

Anonymous said...

W could be hunters aka vampire hunters, werewolf hunters and such.

Anonymous said...

The answer is SPIDERS!