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Super FNM

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

It being Friday, we, as we are certain, most of you will be picking up your standard-format 60-card build and heading out to a Friday Night Magic event. Personally, we are re-assembling a Tempered Steel deck similar to the one that Ryuuichirou Ishida piloted to first place at the Magic the Gathering Japan Nationals 2011 just the other week. For a look at this build that won $3,000 and 10 Pro Points, click here.

Anywhoos - some exciting news about our local FNM at OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario, Canada tonight (Friday July 22nd, 2011). We've been slinging Magic cards here since around 2008 and have taken in some great 'Super FNM' events (where a small entry fee could net you amazing prizes - but tonight is rather exceptional. For $6, Owners Rick and Josh are providing an Unlimited edition Time Walk ( This card is worth about $400 !) for first prize and FNM foils to Top 8 with additional excellent prizes based on attendance.

Check out the map below - this is well worth the drive from Toronto to Barrie. Registration will open at 6 pm and play will begin at 7 pm sharp. As with all FNM's, format is DCI sanctioned Standard format with modified Swiss pairings with 50 minute timed rounds. There are also $10 drafts being planned with first spot prize taking a free draft. Drafts will run from 11 pm until the wee hours the next morning.

Also of note for this evening - a full camera crew will be in attendance at the event, and the first few rounds will be recorded. You may also be asked to say something on camera between rounds. The recording for the reality television show 'Risky Business' will be airied on Global in October, so please be aware that you may be on TV. The show will be hosted by former Dragons' Den panelist W. Brett Wilson. After leaving CBC's Dragons' Den, Canadian investor, iconic entrepreneur and philanthropist W. Brett Wilson is getting down to business with a new reality series. The series will feature 13 half-hour shows where ordinary and experienced investors alike will get the chance to choose between two unusual investment opportunities pitched by entrepreneurs.

Contact the store for more details -
OMG! Games and Collectibles
130 Bell Farm Rd
Barrie, Ontario
(705) 721-GAME (4263)

Driving directions :
From the South:
Take Hightway 400 northbound to the Duckworth St exit, and turn right onto Duckworth St. Turn right onto Bell Farm Rd from Duckworth St. The store is just ahead in the plaza with the Pizza Hut on your right.
From the North:
Take Highway 400 southbound to the Duckworth St exit, and turn left onto Duckworth St. Turn right onto Bell Farm Rd from Duckworth St. The store is just ahead in the plaza with the Pizza Hut on your right.


While we are yattering about our fav gaming store, we should also mention that on Saturday August 6th, 2011, OMG! Games will be holding a Standard fomat tounament. The top prize will be a complete foil set of Scars of Mirrodin, Mirrodin Besieged and New Phyrexia with an approximate Value of $1200 ! The winner will also receive 3 byes for Grand Prix: Pittsburgh. Entry fee is $25 and there will also be draft side events planned.

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