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M12 Event Decks

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We have for you today images of the soon to be released M12 Event Decks. As with previous Magic the Gathering sets, Magic 2012 core set will also have event decks in time for M12 Game Day, scheduled for August 13th and 14th, 2011. These ready to play preconstructed decks are a great way to introduce standard format (and Friday Night Magic events) to newer players or just plain fun to play against a friend armed with the opposite deck.

Each Event Deck comes with a powerful, 60-card deck along with a 15-card sideboard, a “learn-to-play guide, a Spindown™ life counter, a strategy insert, and a deck box. Typically, Event Decks have had 7 rares but no Mythic Rares which means that they are competitive right out of the box for your casual play group. Wizards of the Coast has set the suggested retail price for these decks at $25.

Righto, Let's yatter about the M12 Event Deck images . . .

Rather obvious that the mono-blue Event Deck has the M12 'illlusion Lord' rare, Lord of the Unreal featured on the front. Having this card indicates a lean towards an illusion tribe. Extrapolating, we may perhaps expect another Lord of the Unreal in addition to his best buddies in Magic 2012, namely, Phantasmal Bear, Phantasmal Dragon, and Phantasmal Image.

Onto the mono-black Event Deck.

This again is rather clear that we can expect one or more Vampire Outcasts in this preconstructed deck. Speculating along this line, we should not be surprised to see additional vampires and creatures with the Bloodthirst mechanic. The sticky point however is that there are limited options - namely Sengir Vampire, Bloodrage Vampire, and Duskhunter Bat. There are of course some excellent vampire creatures in Zendikar block but Wizards are likely not to include them as that block will be rotating in the fall. Available support may be had in Scars of Mirrodin block with the likes of Sangromancer and Chancellor of the Dross.

What would fit into each deck nicely to round out the rare card count to seven may be the quasi-Lord, Adaptive Automation as there is no colour restrictions - here's hoping.

Anywhoos - pipe in with your speculation - what would you as the product designer have placed in each deck ? Drop yer comments in the form thingy below.



Anonymous said...

Adaptive Automation would be a staple in both, but following their tradition of including some highly sought after rares we may see some other options like:

Visions of Beyond, Mental Mistep (U), and possibly Bloodghast.

While it definitely seems unlikely to include blocks in the cycling out state the possibility remains. Solemn Simulacrum is also a possible option for one or both.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that they're going to add in some vamps that wont be completely essential to the deck so it won't be sad when it rotates out. Anyways, I've had enough of vamps- I'm anxious to see the illusion lord in action.