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M12 Cycles

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We are freshly returned from a gruelling trek through a vast analogue desert to the sweet embrace of WiFi signals and high-speed internet connections. To this end, we will pick up once again where we left off - a review of the freshly released Magic 2012 core set. Today we will take a look at the Mage and the Empire cycles of this latest Magic the Gathering batch of cards. Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief.

Mage Cycle

These are 2/1 human wizard creatures for 2 mana with an activated ability involving one mana of a color. Each of these creatures have a flavor text describing a creed of a clan of wizards, with names synonymous to the respective color.

"We hold sacred the powers of light and life. Truth and honor are our greatest weapons." —Alabaster creed.

"We draw our power from the infinite ocean of the mind, where all manner of things can be conceived." —Azure creed.

"We wield death and darkness, powers that make lesser mages tremble in fear." —Onyx creed.

"We wield the fires of rage. War is our blood and destruction our birthright."—Crimson creed.

"We are one with the wild things. Life blooms from our fingertips and nature responds to our summons." —Jade creed.

On the whole, these cards are limited fodder - that is to say not that bad of a pick in draft or sealed but as ineffective as a flatus in a windstorm. As for limited, we will certainly want to pick the Jade or Onyx Mage over the other ones - being able to generate a 1/1 Saproling chump blocker or provide deathtouch is usually good tech in limited. Pipe in the comment form below and provide your opinon - what is your fav mage and why.

The M12 core set has three artifacts with "of Empires" in their names. Each of these artifacts may be tapped for an upgraded effect if you control all three of them.

The chances of you being able to one of these in sealed is kinda slim but pulling all three - pretty much when pigs fly or as one of our friends say, when Justin Beiber hits puberty. Attempting to assemble Crown of Empires, Scepter of Empires, and Throne of Empires is a sixty-card constructed build is essentially a 3-card combo which won't win games and is very easily taken apart by your opponent. For this reason as well as not have a card (excepting Diabolic Tutor) to tutor up a missing piece nails the lid on this. Having said that, since we here at MTG Realm are casual Magic Players will still attempt a build as we can detect a whole truck load of potential fun.


We wanted to yatter about those M12 Planeswalker 'signature spells' (cards that would tie to the planeswalker characters in flavor and mechanics). The first one we want to yatter about is the Gideon set. The cards are Gideon Jure (the Planeswalker of course), Gideon's Avenger (the rare spell) and Gideon's Lawkeeper (the common spell).

These really are not that bad and we feel may be underrated by the FNM crowd. Avenger promises to go hulk-steroid just as Ajani's Pridemate did in that last core set. Throw in Lawkeeper, Tumble Magnet, Repel the Darkkness, and you are starting to look at the nucleus of a decent deck. Please pass along your thoughts as to a standard-constructed build using Gideon and his two buddies.


Anonymous said...

Black mage should've discarded a card :D

Tezrael said...

I think the black mage giving Deathtouch is more relevant; because in limited he'll destroy a lot of stuff, or take a burn spell(both are decent options.)