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M12 Spoiler 5

Happy Monday MTG folks,

Magic 2012 core set spoilers 'n' previews keep on rolling in and we are now sitting at a rather respectful 142 of 249 cards accounted for. Drop by our M12 spoiler list which we will update continually.

We have two additional new cards which were skimmed from the new Duels of the Planeswalker 2012 (designated 'D12'). Although there in no garauntee that new cards in D12 electronic game will make a cardboard showing in M12, it still is a pretty sure bet. Make sure you get all your official content from the Wizards of the Coast product site here.

Anywhoos - let's have a look . . .

Lord of the Unreal,
Creature- Human Wizard, Rare
Illusion creatures you control get +1/+1 and have hexproof.
"The dream does not end until I say so."

This is a really good illusion 'lord' - hexproof is the awesome sauce on top of the +1/+1 ppump. Other cards which may benefit from this Unreal card is Æther Figment, Phantasmal Abomination, and Phantom Beast. We are also getting a Phantasmal Bear and Phantasmal Dragon in M12 and most likely a few more. We are cautious about this one - having an illusion deck is good casual mtg fun (which we are all about) but we expect this not to be worthy of FNM play.

Quicksilver Amulet, 4
Artifact, Rare
4, Tap: You may put a creature card from your hand onto the battlefield.

This is a reprint from Urza's legacy. We actually prefer this over Elvish Piper to cheat massive fatties out into play - especially fatties which require crazy-monkey rainbow costs à la Progenitus.

And next up -
Just following up with that slew of Magic 2012 sample decks which contained new M12 cards. Wizards posted the vital info in today's Magic Arcana. There are 10 different decks each containing 30 cards are intended as promo swag. Here are images of said new cards . . .

Make sure you check back often as we continually update our Magic 2012 spoiler list - HERE.

Finally, if you like what you see, check out MTG Mint Card which now has assorted card lots from M12 ready for pre-order.

Happy and safe gaming - beware of illusions.

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