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M12 Spoilers 4

Happy Saturday Night MTG peeps,

Unfortunately we could not make it out to the New Phyrexia Game Day today. If you did go, tell us how it went or tell us about an amazing game you saw or rocked out to. For those you did attend, you scored a Priest of Urabrask promo. If you made Top 8, you scored a Myr Superion promo (we'd love to get our paws on one of alt-art Myrs - perhaps we could swing a trade).

Back on track - the reason why you likely came here in the first place - Magic 2012 core set spoilers . . . well - we have FOUR to tell you about. First though, just a cautionary note about not trusting everything you see on the interwebs (and especially during a Magic the Gathering spoiler season) - wait until they are officially previewed on the mothership. We would not post unless we had a reasonably belief that they are ligit.

Let's go . . .

Obstinacy, 3
Sorcery, Rare
Choose target player. That player chooses one card in his or her hand and discards the rest.

Swiftfoot Boots, 2
Artifact - Equipment Uncommon
Equipped creature has hexproof and haste.
Equip 1
(Reminder - 'hexproof' is the new 'Troll Shroud' ability and means a permanent can't be the target of spells or abilities its controller's opponents control, though it can be target of the controller's spells.)

????, 3

Creature - Rhino Soldier, Common
Whenever "????" enters the battlefield, target player skips their next combat step.
(No image)

Manalith, 3
Artifact, ?
Add one mana of any color to your mana pool

Make sure you check back often as we continually update our Magic 2012 spoiler list - HERE.

Finally, if you like what you see, check out MTG Mint Card which now has assorted card lots from M12 ready for pre-order.

Happy and safe gaming - watch out for pesky suck-head vamps.

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