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Jace Memory Adept

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

After the raucous 12 month bender of a party that had been Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Magic the Gathering players are waking up groggy, disorientated, and possibly dissapointed. Big daddy Jace had been rocking the game tables since the first pro event after the release of Worldwake and had soared to great heights in caw-blade builds in every casual and pro-play event. They say that the light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long - and Jace, TMS had burned so very, very brightly. It is of little wonder why he became a target (along with our fav Kor) for the Ban-Hammer.

Anywhos - Wizards does listen and have known that Jace Beleren was too little, and that Jace, the Mind Sculptor was too much. Welcome to the soon-to-be-released Magic 2012 core set and the Jace that Goldilocks settled for . . .

This new Jace was just confirmed on the popular gaming program Attack of the Show (G4) which had been running a show on the new Duels of the Planeswalkers - Say hi to a very emo-looking Jace, Memory Adept.

Again, let's remember that players have been spoiled rotten for the last few months and what was called for was less Oompah & Bier and a bit more sauerkraut to cut the deep-fried fatty goodness that was Jace TMS - Here is the vitals you need to know about the Memory Adept . . .

Jace, Memory Adept, 3

Planeswalker - Jace, Mythic Rare

+1: Draw a card. Target player puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

0: Target player puts the top ten cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

-7: Any number of target players each draw twenty cards.
Illus. D. Alexander Gregory

We feel (at least from our experiences) that players have alwasy been tentative about 5+ costing Planeswalkers unless of course an ability immediately put them out of harm of the cirtical 4 damage burn pwnage.

Personally, we like the new blue. This card with rock limited as well as Commander formats. As for standard constructed, we think that only time will tell - we have not seen a mill deck for soooo long that we might not even recognise one if is sat across from us at the games table.

New Jace appears not to work as well with it's accompanying signature Planeswalker spells (Jace's Achivist and Jace's Erasure) as perhaps some of the other previous PW spells (we're thinking Ajani's Pridemate here) but hey, maybe it's an emo thing again.

Anywhoos - we want to to pump it or dump it in the comment thingy below.
Have a great weekend and get out of the house to play at your local game store - Don't forget to enter our Commander give-away contest.

Lastly - a very kewl contest run by our friends over at MTG Mint Card


Anonymous said...

I really wish Wizards would just stop making Planeswalker cards. Those cards are such a huge disruption to the format of the game as a whole. I choose to play without them myself and wish more folks would follow suit. There's a difference between cards being popular because everyone enjoys them and cards being popular because you have to have them in order to even be competitive. Planeswalkers are the latter and they're just not a fun twist on the game in the least in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hrm... take a look at valakut, infect, ww, tempered steel, u/w infect, mono red burn, splinter twin combo... etc etc. all are pretty decent competitive decks, and none (usually) run plansewalkers. Also, look at Venser... its a 8 dollar planeswalker that isnt competitive at all. Plansewalkers are cool, and in no way ruin a game when someone plays one. I haven't seen anyone groan and complain when their opponent drops an Ajani Goldmane...

Vince said...

dude not cool. planes walkers are meant to be fun and put new stratagy into the game. Take venser for example he is normaly cr*p but through him into a blue white all with enter the battle field abilities and you'll have a blast when normally those decks dont even stand a chance. as for the jace it will be intresting to see how it works n the new series but dang that 0 ability is a little OP.

Anonymous said...

This card is pretty much junk IMO. Yes he does something powerful. Yes he will win you the game if left unchecked, but srsly? Jace B is just better. His draw ability is horrible for 5 mana. The mill 10 is okay, but it needs to be active for 5 to 6 turns for it to work. NO ONE will ever see the final ability resolve. Thats just dumb. It's quicker just to use his 0 ability every turn. It could be a problem but this isnt just some card you are able to throw in a deck and have it work. Sucks to see Jace SO downgraded from even Jace B.

Anonymous said...

here we have a fairly balanced Jace that still works as a finisher. You have your card draw, and with 4 of these in a deck youre guaranteed to wreak havoc on your opponents with the mill. If you think the 2nd ability is not worth the 5drop, youve obviously never seen the look on an opponents face when a few of the cards key to his/her deck are sent directly to the graveyard.

Magic The Gathering said...

Nice card. Much more balanced than Jace TMS. The art could have been better though lol

Anonymous said...

This card is ONLY viable in a defined niche, its not as versitile as Beleran. Why would i ever pay 5cmc for draw 1 mill 1 or to mill 10, mill is statisticly luck if you hit a vital piece its ok, but if you hit nothing vital you've essential given your oppenent free deck thinning

Anonymous said...

Planeswalkers were originally made so deck builds were will there niche not a f**kin powerhouse like Jace TMS. When you sit down, quit crying you can see that Memory Adept is kinda a meet in the middle. The +1 is combining little jace's -1 and big jaces fate seal ( minus seeing the card). His 0 ability is half of what little jace's finisher was. Yes I agree the 5 cost might be much but its big jace's fault that its 5. I mean how many times did you HATE seeing your opponent always play TMS turn 4? And if you look closely at the core set there is a big chance that graveyard effects are gonna be in next block. Is Memory Adept good? It can be in the right deck.

Anonymous said...

ok so i pulled this jace in draft and it litteraly won me the game. i play it in commander and it again has won me many games. everyone quit hating and realize that this jace is amazing

Anonymous said...

Mill deck: Jace MA, Conundrum Sphinx, Jace's Erasure, Divination, Ponder, Merfolk Mesmerist, Merfolk Looter, and the Archivist for double decking. boom. jace milling at its finest

Anonymous said...

To be honest I was interested in Jace when he first came out...but as all plaaneswalkers were always taken out by direct player damage. So what if JMA is an extra mana to bring least he gets an extra point with it...all my decks have easy aquire mana cards so a lot of my decks have powerhouse cards and I'm always able to bring 5+ mana out real fast...Jace MA mill 0 is the game winner...5 turns your opponant is pretty much laid out...the look wen people see their cards go in the graveyard without a penalty to Jace....deffinitly worth the 5 mana cost...also Jace +1 ability let's you draw that extra card..hit your opponent up for one from his library to the graveyard and gives Jace extra point....using this jace just by himself with a bunch of counterspells and such pretty much can win you the game...Jace the mind sculpture altho versitile is weak compared to Jace memory adept and the mill takes way much longer to win the game...remember he was made to destroy your library and win the game...jace memory adept does this simpler more direct and faster...period