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M12 Spoiler Dump

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

This is a rare second post for the day but we felt we should immediately share this treasure trove of Magic 2012 core set spoilers with you. The following Magic the Gathering cards appear to have been teased out of an Intro Pack perhaps and was posted (or re-posted) over at Magic Madrid.

There is a nice mix of new cards and reprints but enough yattering from us - Let's go . . .

Gideon's Lawkeeper / Griffin Sentinel / Armored Warhorse
Stave Off / Might Leap / Spirit Mantle
Pacifism / Arbalest Elite / Peregrine Griffin
Serra Angle / Belltower Sphinx / Azure Mage
Divination / Jace's Erasure / Ice Cage
Merfolk Mesmerist / Negate / Bloodrage Vampire
Dark Favor / Disentomb / Demonic Tutor
Duskhunter Bat / Sorin's Thirst / Onyx Mage
Taste of Blood / Tormented Soul / Vampire Outcasts
Wring Flesh / Act of Treason / Bonebreaker Giant
Chandra's Outrage / Crimson Mage / Fiery Hellhound
Fireball / Lava Axe / Fling
Lightning Elemental / Volcanic Dragon / Hideous Visage
Garruk's Companion / Hunter's Insight / Gladecover Scout
Kite Shield / Lure / Llanowar Elves
Plummet / Sacred Wolf / Runeclaw Bear
Titanic Growth / Trollhide / Titans are back !

Righto - and the last piece of news is really the last image - from the learn to play insert, it appears that the M11 Titans are returning in M12.

Finally - As the Magic 2012 core set due to be released soon, you may wish to start planning your purchase before it does hit the street and your local games stores. We suggest you take a look at the excellent assorted card lots at MTG Mint Card here.

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