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M12 Royal Flush

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

If you are just joining us this afternoon, be sure to double back and check out our earlier post this morning where we covered off new Magic 2012 core set spoilers Worldslayer, Scrambleverse, Skinshifter, Primordial Hydra, and Vengeful Pharaoh.

New this afternoon -
Interesting M12 'slow-roll' spoilers / art previews by Wizards of the Coast on their FaceBook page (here) -

To get to the cheese, one must log-in, and find this page -

From here, click on 'like' if you dare. If so, you are then presented with these arts from John Avon . . .

From this, we can assume a slow-roll spoil of the cards which seem to have affinity for each other - a scepter, a crown, and a throne - a potential cycle which we will call the 'royal flush'.

Some Magic the Gathering fans are already speculating about a Kaldra type of interaction. These were legendary artifacts which were presented as a helm, shield and a sword - and when in play together produced some very nice effects.

Anywhoos - speculate away in the comment thingy below !

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