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Commander Launch

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

To those who had an opportunity to attend the Commander Launch Party this weekend, chances are that you and everyone around you had a blast. Altough we could not quite make it to the party at our local store (OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario), we did drop by latter on and produced this video for you.

Before we get to the vid however - we want you to make sure you stay on and check below for the very important DCI updates to the banned and restricted list (no surprise) as well as our contest announcement.


As expected, Wizards made the right move as we can see from WoTC Aaron's announcement (here) today on the mothership.
Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic will both be banned in Standard effective July 1, 2011. Exception: The deck list for the "War of Attrition" Event Deck will be legal in Standard if kept completely intact. That deck, which went on sale on June 10, contains two copies of Stoneforge Mystic.
It is very true that the standard format was becoming stale due to the crazy number of caw-blade and its variants dominating almost all the top tournament spots. It does completely suck if you had spent a LOT of money and time practicing withthese decks. Altough we only had a big-daddy Jace in our hands for a day, we did pick up (very cheaply) a deckset of Mystics. Many suspected this ahead of time : Jace dropped from around $110 to $60 and Stoneforge dropped from $40 to $12. Altough we may be a bit biased, we do think Jace deserved the ban but killing Stoneforge Mystic is unwarranted - - what do you think ? Pipe in below.

Next up :

We're giving away Political Puppets

NOTE : Sealed product had been unsealed and carefully put back together from our 'unboxing' video.

We have an intact Political Puppets Commander deck we want to give away as we celebrate our 3-Millionth visitor mark to the MTG Realm blog. This contest is open ONLY to CANADIANS (sorry to our cousins south of the border).

How to win :
1 : Send an eMail to us : copysix [at] gmail [dot] com
2 : Include your Canadian postal code to verify you are Canadian
3 : Answer the following 3 questions - (1) "Who is the sponsor of our Magic 2012 spoiler list?", (2) What is the title of the book image used in our post from May 20th, 2011?", and finally (3) "What was the sad news we blogged about in our post from January 11th, 2011?"

Good luck to the participants - send 'em in now ! We give you our promise to safekeep and not spam your eMail addy. Correct contestants will be chosen at random by our hound, Isamaru and we will eMail you for your full address and ship it off to you. We will draw shortly after we hit the 3-million mark (expected in another week or so).

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