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Tuesday Potpourri

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We have for you today awide assortment of Magic the Gathering mescellany covering a number of disparate items of interest. We suggest you use your seatbelts and get ready for a ride that will take several turns.

First up -
We have it from forum user 'teddy_bear_x' who indicates that December's Friday Night Magic promo card will be the Shards of Alara Uncommon Savage Lands. This is the tap land that produces b, r or g (also commonly known at the tri-coloured 'Jund' tap land. Forum user 'Niabock' indicates that artist-extraordinaire John Avon had been commissioned for this piece.

Before the MTG fan community gets their undergarments in an uncomfortable bunch about why Wizards doesn't produce enough standard legal FNM promos, forum user 'StSob' produced this very handy reference list of this year's promos and their format legality at the time of issue -

2011 FNM promos and format at time of issue:

January - Everflowing Chalice - Standard
February - Spellstutter sprite - Extended
March - Wall of Omens -Standard
April - Artisan of Kozilek - Standard
May - Squadron Hawk - Standard
June - Rhox War Monk - Legacy / Extended
July - Jace's Ingenuity - Standard
August - Cultivate - Standard
September - Teetering Peaks - Standard
October - Contagion clasp -Standard
November - Go fo the Throat - Standard
December - Savage Lands - Extended

Next up -
Mike Fairservice, a local MTG player here in Barrie turn card alter nutter has been working like a maniac producing amazing 3D MTG card alters. You can bump into him usually on a Thursday or Friday evening to have him commission a piece for you or call OMG! Games (follow the link) to arrange a purchase of a unique life-counter, token or other piece. Here's a very kewl Rafiq that Mike is working on . . .

Next up - a brief word about tokens.

We, like many other MTG players likely don't put much value on tokens. It was just the other week at an FNM event at the games club that we had played a Wurmcoil Engine in a Tempered Steel build. A turn or two latter, the wurm was blasted off the battlefield which now prompted us to look for those two 3/3 wurm tokens. Unfortunately, we had left it at home. In between games, we thought it best to collect a few and knowing they were a bit hard to come by were prepared to buy from the store these for a buck. Wow - we were in for a shock.

The going price for these tokens are around $5 a piece. A token! But this is what rarity does. We learned our lesson and after getting home, located the tokens sitting in a pile of other cr@p about ready to get tossed out. The lesson here for us is to be a bit more knowlegeable about the monetary worth of the cards in our collection and treat them appropriately.

Question - did you ever get a bit of a shock about a card you undervalued ?
Lastly -

The folks over at MTG Mint Card is holding a Thanksgiving Sale with a 7% Store Wide Discount. Ensure you use the coupon code provided (linky HERE) on checkout page in order to redeem this offer. Hurry up as this offer valid through 18 November, 2011 PST.

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