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Magic the Derpening

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Our good friend 'JFK' who likes to send us funny select memes from a variety of sources, sent one late last night. She knows we're nuts about Magic the Gathering and could not wait to share this link with us - from 'Magic Cards with Googly Eyes' (linky here).

This Tumblr site is piloted by Amanda who sometimes hangs out at the Lady Planeswalker Society meetups to sling MTG cards, knit, talk about cats, and do crazy things with Magic cards. Something about googly eyes just makes us LoL. Amanda is a very cool and funny gal and we hope she continues with this tomfoolery.

Apparently, according to both MTG pros Sean McKeown and Mike Flores, the card is 'Druidic Satchel. Check out recent posts by Mike over at Five with Flores and this StarCity Games article, Designing Decks For States
Sean McKeown. It appears that this card from M12 may be gaining popularity. We still think it mediocre but definity won't be trading away our set until the next set (Dark Ascension) comes out.

The popular build right now is U/B Tezzeret but we are eyeing it up for a inclusion in a casual green white token build. Every turn, this could either gain you life, give you an extra mana drop, or churn out a 1/1 Saproling token - not too bad but we still think it could be slow. Only palytesting will determine.

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