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Monday MTG Miscellany

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We trust that all our cousins south of the border enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends 'n' fam and perhaps even a little Magic the Gathering playtime. Here in Canada-Land, the three of us here at MTG Realm (RetroTech, R-Stomp, and yours truly, CopySix) derped around with a bunch of casual games over the weekend.

This involved throwing together a bunch of hastily-built casual fun decks and sitting down to game. As you know we are huge fans of rogue builds - here are a few interesting cards which had come together . . .

R-Stomp had an interesting red deck wins concept which eschewed most traditional strategies. Cards of note were Slagstorm and Whipflare while maintaining a board presence with pro-red cards like Vulshok Refugee and Phyrexian Crusader.

RetroTech had built a whacky green and white deck with some under-appreciated cards which delivered some rather fun game play. Her deck had quite a few walls / defenders (such as Soulbound Guardians equipped with a Warmonger's Chariot edit - see Scott's comment). One little combo which worked well for her was a Cathedral Membrane which we thought was weird until she then was able to get it enchanted with Lure. This had resulted in me loosing two very nice hexproof creatures ( a Lumberknot as well as a Dungrove Elder).

As for my derpy build, the only thing I was able to pull off was a few life cyles of Mitotic Slime while Parrarell lives was in play resulting in a game table full of cute little slime tokens. Unfortunately, I could not get out an Intangilbe Virtue to really make this board position count in my favour.

Anywhoos -
We want to hear about any interesting MTG game play you may have had over the weekend. Drop in your details in the comment thingy below . . .


Scott said...

Sorry to say, but Cathedral Membrane only deals damage to creatures it blocked, not creatures that blocked it.

CopySix said...

Thanks Scott - you are correct.