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Innistrad Community Picks

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

The latest Magic the Gathering set, Innistrad, has been now with us for more than a month now, which means it may now be a good time to take a look at what players think. Specificallly, we want to look on the Wizards of the Coast MTG card database, Gatherer, to look at the top-rated cards of Innistrad. Here are the top 9 cards as rated by the players along with a select comment from the participants.

Doomed Traveler Rating: 4.634 / 5 (71 votes)
You're basically getting two 1/1's for {W}, what's not to love about that? - Posted By: BlackFlameAshura

Mindshrieker Rating: 4.611 / 5 (54 votes)
It's going to eat people in limited and hold swords like a boss in constructed. - Posted By: auriscope

Parallel Lives Rating: 4.593 / 5 (75 votes)
Parallel Lives. Doubling Season. Precursor Golem. Rite of Replication.
= break all calculators in a 12 mile radius. they spontaneously combust, and are removed from the game. But you can runic repitition them back, then flash them back again. repeat for infinite exploding calculators. - Posted By: DarthParallax

Cackling Counterpart Rating: 4.592 / 5 (49 votes)
I pulled this and a Skaab Ruinator at the prerelease. Much beatdown ensued. But the most fun I had with this card was fighting against a werewolf deck and using this to copy my Creepy Doll twice. That was the highlight of the night, honestly...I kept giggling like a lunatic. And then my opponent asked me to stop, because he'd just watched the Doctor Who episode "Night Terrors" not too long ago... - Posted By: The_Stray

Mikaeus, the Lunarch Rating: 4.589 / 5 (56 votes)
Yo dawg, we heard you like counters... - Posted By: Polychromatic

Grimoire of the Dead Rating: 4.587 / 5 (75 votes)
Klaatu, barada, ni...uuhhhhh...*cough*nicolbolas*cough* ...Aww shi-*dies* - Posted By: Minus_Prime

Champion of the Parish Rating: 4.582 / 5 (67 votes)
WTF? Half these Innistrad humans are also soldiers. Way more than half the soldiers already out their are also humans. This is gonna be ridiculously good, especially outside of standard. - Posted By: NozzDogg

Delver of Secrets / Rating: 4.333 / 5 (57 votes)
Insectile Aberration Rating: 4.582 / 5 (55 votes)
I never thought I would ever see the creature type "Human Insect" actually printed. - Posted By: Totema

Heartless Summoning Rating: 4.575 / 5 (73 votes)
Can't help but laugh hysterically when I drop 2 and play Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite for 1WW - Posted By: infernox10

Anywhoos - Make sure you get outta the house and play at an Friday Night Magic event tonight. Play it safe - use card sleeves.
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