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Risky MTG

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We hope all of you had a pleasant Halloween last evening - whether you went round collecting candy or hit up a party. As for us, it was all about the candy. Unfortunately, we did not really pay heed to Jimmy Kimmel's warning about Jesusween activits which resulted in a few non-edible items in our loot bags. Anywhoos - after all was said and done, we took in the much anticipated Episode 7 of Risky Business on Slice TV.

You may recall our earlier post (HERE) where a camera crew came around to a Friday Night Magic event at OMG! Games to film an episode for a show called Risky Business. This show, hosted by W. Brett Wilson former panelist on the reality show Dragons’ Den (one of Canada’s most-watched television programs), CEO of Canoe Financial and all around decent human being, each week introduces a couple willing to risk their own money for a potential windfall investing in a business venture to two entrepreneurs from which the investors must choose from. OMG! Games co-owner, Josh LinkBates happened to be one of the entrepreneurs.

The venture proposed by Josh was to take $10,000 from Danielle & Bill to secure several Magic the Gathering card collections, obtain a booth at the 2011 MTG Canadian Nationals in Toronto (August 20-21, 2011), and then resell for a modest but healthy profit. Josh's competing entrepreneur was an antique picker. The episode was great and had us on the edge of our seat as Josh could not talk about it until the episode aired. The episode should repeat again latter this week. For now, you can check out the trailer here and we will link off to the full web episode latter when Slice TV posts it.

The crew (Austin, Josh, Matty, & Ricky) working the booth at Nats.

Episode Summary

Danielle & Bill $10,000

It's decision time for Danielle and Bill! This happily retired couple has a lot of living left to do. After traveling around the world, taking courses and living in a camper van on a beach they decided to trade in their family home in the sedate suburbs for a condo downtown so they can continue their travels and adventures. Mortgaging their home has provided the funds for a world wide adventure but they can’t rely on their pensions to cover both a mortgage AND their new passion. They want to invest what is left of their savings so they can earn enough money to visit their son in New Zealand and be there when he graduates. They could play it safe and leave their hard earned savings in the bank, or they could roll the dice and hand it over to one of two, unique dealmakers who will have just 30 days to make it grow.

Just one month after the release day of Innistrad, MTG Mint Card has sorted out the best selling Innistrad cards for the month of October, 2011 :

1. Grimoire of the Dead
2. Parallel Lives
3. Bloodline Keeper / Lord of Lineage
4. Daybreak Ranger / Nightfall Predator
5. Champion of the Parish
6. Past in Flames
7. Mayor of Avabruck / Howlpack Alpha
8. Curse of Stalked Prey
9. Clifftop Retreat
10. Ancient Grudge

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