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Graveborn Spoiler 3

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

We have yet another Graveborn Premium Deck Series preview for you - this time courtesy of Evan Erwin over at The Magic Show. Just a note about this popular YouTube show - it appears that Evan will not be providing regular shows anymore but still will crank a few out from time to time. SCG now has regular Magic the Gathering offerings from pro-player Gerry Thompson (GerryTV) which has supplanted the Magic Show. Anywhoos - back on track to the preview . . .

We've seen the artwork already previewed but now have the official confirmation that this amazing art by
Raymond Swanland will grace the popular Cabal Therapy card. Originally featured in the MTG Judgment set with some slick art from Ron Spencer, the new foily goodness on the new card as well as the rest of the Graveborn PDS will have Commander (EDH) fans clamoring for more.

Lastly -

The folks over at MTG Mint Card is holding a Thanksgiving Sale with a 7% Store Wide Discount. Ensure you use the coupon code provided (linky HERE) on checkout page in order to redeem this offer. Hurry up as this offer valid through 18 November, 2011 PST.

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