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Wolf Run Green

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope all had a great weekend and have now adjusted to the time change. As for us, we just sqandered that extra hour on sleep which is really never a bad investment in one's self. Anywhoos - We did get out to our local Friday Night Magic at OMG! Games here in Barrie and had a chance to get some very decent Magic the Gathering games
in. Unfortunately, our decks did not fare all that well this week which really can only mean two things - just poor luck against a very decent build or the meta-game has changed again. We think a bit of both.

There are around 35 regular players at our local games store so there is always a very decent variety of archetypes to go up against. A few weeks ago, the popular build was 'Red Deck Wins' variants. The deck of choice appears to be Wolf Run variants and we were given a very effecient beatdown with these during the last FNM. It now seems that many players are taking notes of the recent Standard Open tournament held in Kansas City, Missouri, on 2011-10-30. Here is the break-down of the Top 16 winners from this tournament . . .

Wolf Run Green 4
Wolf Run G/W 2
U/W Blade 2
Solar Flare 2
W/u Destiny 1
G/W Destiny 1
Mono-Black Infect 1
Tempered Steel 1
Mono Red 1
U/W Tokens 1

Wolf Run Green builds by players Alex Bastecki, Mark Hinsz, Zach Krizan and Michael Nyberg all have done well. Following is a typical list :

Maindeck :
Artifacts : 2 Batterskull

Artifact Creatures : 4 Solemn Simulacrum, 1 Wurmcoil Engine

Creatures : 1 Acidic Slime, 4 Birds of Paradise, 4 Dungrove Elder, 2 Llanowar Elves, 4 Primeval Titan

Instants : 3 Beast Within

Planeswalkers : 4 Garruk, Primal Hunter

Sorceries : 3 Green Sun's Zenith, 4 Rampant Growth

Lands : 18 Forest, 2 Mountain, 2 Inkmoth Nexus, 2 Kessig Wolf Run

2 Sword of Feast and Famine, 1 Wurmcoil Engine, 1 Tree of Redemption, 1 Viridian Corrupter, 2 Ancient Grudge, 3 Thrun, the Last Troll, 2 Arc Trail, 2 Blasphemous Act, 1 Inkmoth Nexus

Of this, the cards which grief'd us most was Batterskull and Dungrove Elder. To this end, we are now looking to modify our existing sideboards with artifact removal as well as something for protection against the new green menace. This may be easily accomplished with our Green / White Gavony Township Token build by inserting a few Mirran Crusaders, as well as Revoke Existance. We are still in the process of considering cards for our Zombie build.

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