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Booster Battle Packs

Happy Thursday MTG Peeps,

It's time we here at MTG Realm took a step back and provided some coverage of a Magic the Gathering Product which came out almost two months ago - Booster Battle Packs. According to Wizards of the Coast, these Booster Battle Packs are designed as an introduction to the limited format, and are quick and fun for Magic players of any level. We agree that this is a great introduction to limited play - having to learn on the fly cracking packs can get a bit expensive and using one of the on-line tools just does not capture the entire process (and fun) of limited play.

We dropped by our local store OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario and yattered with co-owner Richard Bates. Richard indicated that since hitting the shelves at the store on September 9, 2011, this product has been selling well. He indicates that this is popular with newer players wanting to get experience as well as seasoned players just wanting a quick and fun game.

Anywhoos - let's see what's inside . . .

Each pack contains a pair of 'semi-random' decks, each with land appropriate for the deck's two colors. To play Booster Battle Packs, each player selects a deck, opens a booster chooses up to five cards from it, and shuffles them into their deck, then the spell-slinging begins. Since each pack will have four different colors, the two decks won't overlap. And when you add the booster to the equation, Booster Battle Packs create nearly limitless limited play options.

Each Booster Battle Pack contains two cardboard deck boxes with the following goodies inside :

Two 20-card semi-randomized decks
Two 15-card Magic 2012 Core Set booster packs
Magic "learn to play" guide
Rules insert

Forum member 'mabhatter' was able to compile the following information from a variety of sources (you know - a hundred MTG players texting and tweeting sort of thing) . . .

All in all, the product may at first glance perhaps appear lacklustre but we think that does it have it's market niche for the MTG community, for which the sales have proved. For an MRSP of only $10.00, its provides good enough value and quite a bit of game fun.

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