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I had just recently read an interesting article over at Curiosidades de Magic, a spanish blog personal una gran variedad de interesantes de la Magic Gathering historias, erratas, modificaciones y curiosidades. Specifically, I found the article on artist Seishiro Ookubo very interesting.

Seishiro Ookubo has never executed any pieces commissioned by Wizards of the Coast yet this Nagoya-born Japanese artist is very well known in the MTG art community. WoTC had invited Ookubo to past tournaments to showcase his amazing art. The art in question is certainly all Magic the Gathering but what sets Ookubo apart from other artists is that he creates 3D art from actual cards.

Ookubo, as many other MTG artists, is a fan of the game and had started playing during 4th Edition, and like many avid players started to acculumate a vast collection of cards. Apparently, one evening while taking stock of his collection of cards, Ookubo had several extra copies of
Pradesh Gypsies in his hand when he struck upon the idea that the card would looking rather interesting portrayed in the third dimension. After many attempts and many cards, Ookubo had refined his technique. He now typically takes two to three hours and six copies of a card, and then intricately cuts each card to create his layered masterpieces.

Ookubo typically works on commons and uncommons and amazingly often trades his works of art for the MTG cards he wants to play with. He also often provides his art as gifts, tournament prizes and charity auctions. His works often commands high prices from $400 to $500 (US dollars) which according to him, very much surprises him.

Perhaps the most impressive piece thus far though has been Mark Rosewater's Maro. If you look at the picture on the Mirage version of Maro, you will notice a great deal of leaves and vines in the background, all of which have been cut and detailed by Ookubo -- an insane amount of work by any standard.

If anyone out there has a personal page for Ookubo we can link to, we would really love to show our appreciation to him for his work. Also, if we every have a bag of money fall from the sky on us, we hope to commission a 3D Black Lotus.

Anywhoos - let's have some images of Seishiro Ookubo's art work . . .

Also - Here is a very cool video of a MTG life counter created with Ookubo's 3D Maniacal Rage.



mtgcards_be said...

Just look at that Wasteland :-O A TRUE *BEAUTY* Is he the only one doing this "mtg art"? Would be nice to have an article about all things going on with mtg-cards besides collecting and playing ;-)

Robert said...

This is simply awesome!

I'd love to see a video of him actually making a card. Maybe it's something I could do with enough practice. It sounds like it takes a lot of patience, practice and an eye for what should be cut out and what not on each of the various layers.

I'd love to see some of these in real life

Anonymous said...

It would be so cool of they started to sell cards like that because they are awesome!

zenofben said...

Hi, I'm the one that posted the Maniacal Rage life counter video to YouTube. Just a small correction: I actually did the cutting a gluing my self on that! Although I'm pleased to be associated with such a talented artist like Ookubo, I didn't know about him until I found your blog!

Thanks for the link. I'm planning on doing a video of the construction of one of these layered cards soon.

Mike Fairservice said...

I have started doing these for OMG Collectables in Barrie, I am also taking orders and commissions through the store and my FB group MTG 3d Alters