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MTG Realm Contest !

One Million Visitors !

Our very first Magic the Gathering blog post was in January, 2008. That month, we had netted some 200 visitors - not a bad start. Fast forward to last month (September, 2009) - we witnessed just over 140,000 visitors. That is impressive growth.

MTG Realm has to date, had just under 960,000 visitors which have read just over 380 blog published posts. We are looking forward to blogging away until the foreseeable future and encourage you to continue to submit your post comments and provide advice as to our direction here.

To celebrate our popularity, we wish to conduct an informal contest. We want to give you, our reader, a chance to win some cool prizes - namely rare Magic the Gathering cards - oversized and textless spells.

How to win our treasure :

When you land our our page at, take a moment to look at the StatCounter visitor counter on the left hand side of the page. When you see the visitor counter hit the one million mark (1,000,000), send me an eMail to copysix [at] gmail [dot] com with the TIME you saw the counter roll over. Include your mailing address so we know where to mail your cards.

We do not have any ulterior motives and will not forward you email addy to someone in Nigeria - we want to simply reward our blog readers and will send out one or more prizes to the first five or so respondents. We will post the handles / nicknames of the people who did win a prize and will mail them off to you.


Next, just an aside - more advice than anything else.

If you happen to see the following Zendikar landfall pieces accumulate on the board, be wary.

The board : six lands, a Birds of Paradise, two Scythe Tigers, a Knight of the Reliquary, two Emeria Angels, two Rampaging Baloths. Realm Razer just got played removing all the lands from play. What is the worst that can happen . . . .

Oh Noes / oh no he didn't ! . . . he just played a Path to Exile and promptly vomits tweleve 4/4 beasts and twelve 1/1 bird tokens. Make that a lot more as he just used Knight to sac a land and dropped another land into play. Hopefully you have a Day of Judgement in your hand.

If you have any similar stories from FNM or the Kitchen Table, please pipe in and drop us a comment below.

1 comment:

Rapture said...

i had just traded for my 4th archive trap and threw it into my 1.x mill deck.

drew 1 land 4 archive traps and 2 traumatize. shit hand, but whatever lets see what happens.

he plays 1st, plays arid mesa, pops it for a mountain and plays a goblin.

i play ALL 4 archive traps after he shuffles... he loses next draw step.

milled 52 cards before 1st land drop, since he drew 7 cards and popped the land for 8 he had no deck...

i havent stopped smiling yet