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Playing Magic

The truly brilliant aspect about playing Magic the Gathering is the portability of this game. In the past, I have taken my decks on the road and have found myself playing a match with my kids or wife in the most unusual places. Casual Magic is a game not bound to the physical confines of a gaming store or a tournament event.

To date, I believe that I have had played MTG matches in the kitchen (of course), a park, in a garage, and on camping trips. There is no limit as to where one could play . . . you just need a deck and a buddy. No tournament official or judge is necessary. If all you are looking for is to boost your DCI points / ranking (to get a pro-tour invite) then perhaps a particular facet / value / aspect of the game is less clear to you than some of the players I know.

I had a quick look around 'teh internetz' and have found a vast collection of images of players doing what they love the most - playing . . . And just about everywhere / anywhere. Apparently Magic isn't just for people either - I've seen pets play as well. o_0

They are playing on trains, planes, automobiles. In hotel rooms, dorm rooms, military barracks, resorts, camping trips, coffee shops, school class rooms, malls, and libraries. Just about everywhere and of course kitchen tables across the globe.

The important point here is get out there with some friends and play a few games.
Please feel free to leave a comment as to the weirdest / strangest / most unusual place you have had a game.


Gregg said...

I originally got started playing because of Boy Scouts as I see some in your pics. At the first few meetings I went to I saw some older guys playing (around the time of Unlimited). I watched for a while and then received some cards from friends on my birthday later that month. I've been hooked ever since.

I've played on planes and on cruise ships. In tree houses and Amtrak trains.

MrRight9 said...

I've played in Jail.

Dave said...

Cool post and great photos. I once played in a jacuzzi.

Splack said...

My neighbors and I used to play Magic in a barn loft. Yes, I'm a redneck.

Anonymous said...

I started playing magic at camp. I saw bunch of people playing and tried it out. I can't even put my cards down. I remeber playing with my friend on his roof!

Johan said...

im not gonna lie, ive played at work and at church. cant get enough of it :P started playing about eight years ago. used to take my very first deck to school with my in middle school and played with anyone i could find. still remember that deck. blue/white control. loved it. oddly enough now i tend to play black lol