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Late last evening, we had received several emails all within a minute or so from some folks we know. More specifically, I received congratulatory emails from colleagues, who, like me run Magic the Gathering fan websites or blogs (like our very good friends over at Casual Magic and Gathering Magic).

We really had no idea as to why congratulations were in order until I had clicked on one of the links provided (we thank-you now for not Rick-Rolling us!). To our astonishment and amazement, MTG Realm was provided space and a link on the Wizards of the Coast Magic the Gathering Newsletter.

The newsletter, produced at various frequencies is not so much a newsletter than a series of hyperlinks off to various websites discussing the news-de-jour, as well as other links to previous MTG articles / news summaries on the Wizards site.

The link provided for MTG Realm in the newsletter was a post we put up a week ago about the Garruk vs. Liliana Duel Deck released today and available at your local gaming store.

Of course we are very flattered to have officially acknowledged content. After reviewing our post however, we realise that we were indeed in rather a hurry that day and the post was more of a Garruk / Liliana decklist instead of a full review of this new mtg duel deck. Not the best post to showcase in a newsletter, but we will take it anyway.

For reference, here is the MTG newsletter. As our HTML kind of sucks, this is quite a hack job. We suggest you head over to Wizards to see the document properly.

For previous WoTC MTG newsletters, click away here at these links;

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