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There are a LOT of Magic the Gathering players using Twitter. The list also includes many familiar names at Wizards of the Coast, professional players and casual players like us. One hindrance of many MTG fans using Twitter is the limitation to 140 keystrokes which in our opinion is the main reason why Twitter is as popular as it is - this is a social networking site for people who have real occupations and limited time to read tweets. Those users upset by the limit really should consider moving back to Friendster, MySpace or where ever it is they can fully describe the jelly doughnut they had or the new shoes they are wearing.

Right - back on track.
One issue with almost every group of Magic players yattering about the merits of particular cards, their recent game or the decks which took them to top eight is being able to provide a deck list to whom they are communicating. Many popular forums have this covered with various html templates. Other sites take this further by catering only to posting deck but often lack the ability to provide a space for dialogue which is the main reason for deck sharing - to garner feedback and improve said deck.

Well we think we have a winner with MTGUrl. This project was originally designed by Trick (and others?) over at ManaNation as a Url shortening service and has now evolved as a space to be able to quickly share decklists to Twitter users and others.

We love that the service provides a standardised deck list without html / javascript and also is able to provide a pop-up card image for those like us who may not know some of the less popular cards. One is able to 'tweet' the deck, email it to a friend and also have comments via tweet displayed. The card name also hyperlinks to the CoolStuff Inc. store which in our opinion is a smart business decision to maintain a helpful sponsorship. Our thanks to Trick / ManaNation for one of the more helpful tools we have seen in a while.


Along with the same Twitter theme, we want to bring to your attention someone we've just started to follow - Mr. 'Doom Blade Guy'. We do occasionally follow non-magic related users such as the very witty CWalken for our LuLz but he had of late not been providing regular updates. Anywho - Doom Blade Guy is now filling that role - it's magic related and funny. Not necessarily high-brow stuff all the time but it works for us. This is our shout out to this guy.

Here are some recent tweets from Doom Blade Guy

#DBGGtZ: Teetering Peaks. I overheard a conversation on the bus this morning "... and then I grabbed hold of her Teetering Peaks."19 minutes ago from web

#DBGGtZ: Grappling Hook. Eight mana is a lot, no matter how much you may love grappling.about 17 hours ago from web

#DBGGtZ: Tanglesap. Appeals to the lesser-known "Sexual Deviant" psychographic. It's not quite Earthbind, but there is a lot more goo.3:06 AM Oct 7th from web

#DBGGtZ: Hellfire Mongrel. Well, it's a giant dog made out of fire, so naturally it is also The Rack.9:22 PM Oct 6th from web

#DBGGtZ: Bog Tatters. Misread this as Bog Taters, figured the 4 power was from swinging a sack of potatoes.4:47 PM Oct 6th from web

#DBGGtZ: Seascape Aerialist. Judging by the art, his low bang-to-buck ratio stems from a bad case of jaundice.12:12 AM Oct 6th from web

#DBGGtZ: Armament Master. Why yes I WOULD like for you to put all your eggs in one basket. Why do you ask?7:12 PM Oct 5th from web

#DBGGtZ: Blazing Torch. If equipped creature is in a horror movie, it gains jumpy. (It turns around randomly and calls out "Who's there?!")5:02 PM Oct 5th from web

#DBGGtZ: Greenweaver Druid. Perpetually broke, overly fond of the Grateful Dead, and prone to use the word "man" as punctuation.10:33 AM Oct 5th from web

#DBGGtZ: Electropotence. The best six-mana shock you'll never play.10:50 PM Oct 4th from web

#DBGGtZ: Vampire Hexmage. First Strike is the new Damage on the Stack.5:17 PM Oct 4th from web

#DBGGtZ: Caller of Gales. On second reading, this card does NOT pay tribute to my drunk-dialing my ex-girlfriends who share a first name.3:35 PM Oct 4th from web

#DBGGtZ: Kor Outfitter. So, would you say you like blades?3:45 PM Oct 3rd from web

#DBGGtZ: Soaring Seacliff. I've sent a few monsters off cliffs. They weren't mine.10:21 PM Oct 2nd from web

#DBGGtZ: Eldrazi Monument. "Gods don't die." We'll just see about that, won't we. (Will we?)9:10 PM Oct 2nd from web

#DBGGtZ: Baloth Cage Trap. Like in old D&D modules, where you enter an ancient, sealed tomb and an assassin has been waiting ALL THIS TIME.4:13 PM Oct 2nd from web

#DBGGtZ: Bladetusk Boar. Currently taking bets on which gets printed first: Doom Tusk or Doom Boar.1:50 PM Oct 2nd from web

#DBGGtZ: Marsh Casualties. I'll see your Conqueror's Pledge, and I'll raise you your self-respect.1:21 AM Oct 2nd from web

See you around Twitter ( . . .

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