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DD: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition

You may recall this POST late September where we had spoken about the patent filings by Wizards of the Coast for the trademark of 'Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition'. Well, as expected, Wizards had officially announced this product just earlier this week.

Unfortunately, our planeswalker spark did not ignite to enjoy these early sets but from what we can see of the nostalgia from the Magic the Gathering fan community at large, this product is sure to make a home run.

Here is what we may expect . . .

The Coalition deck would most likely be four or five colours and the Phyrexian deck would be black and entirely comprised of artifacts. As to the cards, we're certain more will be revealed as we approach the release date of March, 2010. In the mean time, the fans are burning up the forums and pining for a return of their favourite cards such as Phyerxian Negator, Phyerxian Arena, Phyerxian Dreadnaught, Phyerxian Colossus, Yawgmoth's Bargain, Yawgmoth's Will in the Phyrexia deck and Urza's rage, Coalition Victory, Coalition Relic, Crusading Knight, Dueling Grounds in the Coalition deck.


Anywhoos - here is the corporate skinny for now . . .

Relive the most epic battle in Magic: The Gathering history.

The scourge known as the Phyrexian plane of Rath has been overlayed upon Dominaria. Single-minded and with an unyielding goal to eliminate all in their path, the mono-black Phyrexian army is filled with a variety of efficient killing machines.

For Dominaria, victory is the only option. The Coalition, representing the five colors of Magic, has united under the leadership of Gerrard Capashen to combat the Phyrexian invaders.

Deck Design and Development: Chris Millar, Mike Turian, and Matt Tabak

Release Date: March 19th, 2010

MSRP: $19.99

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