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UltraPro Mana Products

Some interesting news in the realm of Magic the Gathering supplies from our favourite supplier, UltraPro.

For a few short years, the Ion Deck Box from Max Protection has been the shizzle and has been a ubiquitous item at games clubs and tournaments everywhere. We even have a full set of all five colours and very much enjoy them.

It now appears that UltraPro has realised that many players may identify more with a colour they are playing rather than art from a single card (no matter how very awesome the card may be). To this end, UltraPro will be releasing their own version of the Ion Deck Box and where the UltraPro product may not match the quality of materials and construction of the MaxProtection product, they will make this up in the pricing of the product . . . it really is about having options we're certain you will agree.

Anywhoos - These products are expecting to be released within the next two weeks so let's have a look at 'em.

The new UltraPro Deck Mana Boxes come in all five colours. They have also thoughtfully included a divider to keep your sideboard from contaminating your main deck. I also appreciate the text box on the bottom of the deck box which will give the flvour overview of the particular colour. The deckboxes are anticipated to retail anywhere from $5 to $10 depending upon the logistical distribution arrangement in your area and how far removed from civilisation you are.

The new UltraPro Deck Mana Sleeves come in all five colours as well. The art is standard and looks very sharp. Just be aware that your opponents at Friday Night Magic may know what colour you may be playing and may even sneak sideboard cards into their mix even before you sit down to game. Alternatively, we know MTG Realm readers are a sneaky and surreptitious lot and may decide to sleeve up your red burn deck in those innocent looking Plains sleeves. A pack of 80 sleeves are anticipated to retail for around $10 more or less, again depending where you call home.


We also have noted that a few other recent UltraPro products have been released and we need to update on these as well.

First off, that Zendikar Island card (collector's number 235) with the sweet art from Vincent Proce now finds itself on a sleeve.

And lastly, that Zendikar Plains card (collector's number 231) with the awesome cool hedrons, again from Vincent Proce is adorning a portfolio.

Please send us a comment if you can update us on the approximate cost of these products - ensure you let us know the general region (example continental United States, United Kingdom, etc.).

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Marvel said... it's the island sleeve price. The price range is proly around $5.50-$7