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October MTG Potpurri

Good Day my Peeps, and welcome to the doldrums of mid-October. It is threatening to snow where we live so it is a good time to throw a few more logs onto the fireplace and get to another post.

You may recall this POST regarding our contest we were running to reward the One Millionth (1,000,000 : that's a LOT of phreak'n zeros) visitor to The big news is that the web counter did in fact roll over and nothing blew up.

I woke up this morning and opened up the mail bag which was absolutely FULL of correspondence from anxious readers waiting and hoping to have been the first to reply. As there were so many respondents directing email to us all within a few minutes we could not be absolutely certain of the very first few who actually caused the counter roll over.

We want to thank you, the reader, so very much to pop each each day to listen to our inane prattling as we try to make sense of our favourite game Magic: The Gathering. To this end, we have taken the First Five respondents who landed in our in-box and fire off some prizes. If you did not quite make the top 5, please blame your mail server (or ours).

The following five made the cut . . .
Cory in Dix Hills, New York,
John in Vancouver, B.C.,
Chase in Winnipeg, M.B.,
Michael in N. Hollywood, California, and
Samuel in Bellingham, WA.

The postage is going to kill us but we will be mailing out your goodies in the next few days. Just allow a few weeks for it to get to you as we live in a remote village in Canada's near north and Phil the mail guy is still in hospital from that polar bear attack the other week ago.

Right - Potpurri we said.
On to the next newsworthy item.

In October 21, Magic: The Gathering and video game fans worldwide can play with new decks, experience never-before-seen challenges, and battle new adversaries on Xbox LIVE Arcade with the first expansion for Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers.

Duel Magic’s iconic dragon Planeswalker Nicol Bolas with the brand new downloadable content featuring:

* Three new playable decks, including Tezzeret’s “Relics of Doom” Planeswalker deck * Three new unlockable cards for each of the eight original decks * New Two-Headed Giant co-op levels * Three new puzzling challenge levels

Players can also put their spell-slinging skills to the test to defeat the new single-player campaign and unlock Sarkhan Vol's and Jace Beleren’s new Planeswalker decks. The Duels of the Planeswalkers expansion is priced at 400 Microsoft Points.

Check out this very cool art installation in Overton Park near Memphis . . .


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