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Godsend Part 1 eBook

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

It's April Fools' day apparently today and in case you have not had enjoyed any pranks of this informal holiday, we'll share ours.  A colleague who will remain nameless ran into our office this morning and told us our tire had been slashed out in the parking lot.  She had us for all of a half-minute . . .
Perhaps one of the most memorable April Fools' shenanigans we can remember was the special product announcement from the mothersite back in 2008 - the Priates vs. Ninjas Duel Decks.  It's unfortunate that Wizards did not print just a few of these cards, we would have likely purchased as much as we could at MTG Mint Card.

Yeah - that was pretty awesome.
Speaking of awesome, we are really excited about the release of Godsend, Part 1 - the accompanying eBook for Theros block - 
April 1st, Part 1 (of 2) of the Theros novel written by R&D Creative Team member, and ex-Uncharted Realms author, Jenna Helland. Godsend, Part 1 officially released today.

    On Theros, Elspeth hopes the gods will keep her safe from the evils of the Multiverse. But the powerful planeswalker comes to the attention of the sun god, Heliod, who believes she is destined to be his champion. As the gods quarrel with each other, Elspeth must face a massive hydra that was unleashed from the realm of the gods.

Godsend, Part 1 is available for order on for Kindle and as a Nook Book for $1.99.
We can't wait to dig into this.  We've already had a peak at a sample preview and are definitely setting aside some time this weekend.

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