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Ultra PRO Dual Flip Box

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Following up on our late day post yesterday on Ultra PRO's Journey into Nyx product offerings of Magic: the Gathering deckboxes, card sleeves, playmats, and portfolio, we want to yatter to you about another product just hitting the market presently - MTG Dual Flip Boxes.

We're all about not only keeping our precious cards safe 'n' secure but also making 'em look good to / from and at the local gaming stores we go to.  Check out our product review video before we get into the 4.1.1. -

These fine looking and functional deckboxes have a suggested retail price of just $25.  We will be putting them through the paces over the next several months but for now, we have to say two thumbs up.  Robust, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable to the Magic: the Gathering game format you are in to.  Here are the features - 

• Leatherette material with debossed Planeswalker and Mana Symbols.

• Magnet closure.

• Soft inner liner protects cards.

• Holds up to 200 collectible cards in Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves. 

• Adjustable divider allows the dual compartments to hold either 2 decks of 100 cards or 2 deck of 80 cards plus Oversize cards.

WHITE - # 86127
BLUE - # 86128
BLACK - # 86129
RED - # 86130
GREEN - # 86131


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Anonymous said...

I am wondering if one of the sides will hold a 75 double sleeved card deck. I am hoping to be able to put 2 75 double sleeved decks in the box but I cannot find anywhere where people confirm or deny this.