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Journey into Nyx Intro Packs

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

As most Magic : the Gathering fans will know, this weekend is the Journey into Nyx pre-release event.  Make sure you call ahead to your local gaming store to get event(s) details.  We'll be slinging new cardboard at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario and plan to an article / video following.  Today over on the mothership we were provided with the new Journey into Nyx Intro Pack decklists, although they were sort of buried on the Product Info page.

Intro Packs are not only perfect for those players getting into the game but also for seasoned players wanting to open duel during the PreReleaseThese Intro Packs are a great point of entry into standard constructed and easily upgraded with additional singles from trades, your local gamestore or online retailers like MTG Mint Card.  For an MSRP of only $15, you get a premium foil rare from Journey into Nyx, a second rare from either Theros or Born of the Gods and about eleven or twelve uncommons in your decklist which is ready to play right out of the package.  Here's the details of what you get -
• 1 x premium card 
• 1 x 60-card deck
• 2 x Journey Into Nyx booster packs  
• 1 x learn-to-play insert 
• 1 x strategy insert
For complete Journey into Nyx decklists, pop on over to the mothersite.  Here's the brief overview of these for now -

Mortals of Myth (white / green)
Assemble a mighty army of heroic Soldiers and Warriors, and power them up with spells that unlock their potential. Your opponent will be put to the test in combat by creatures that could become gigantic at a moment's notice.

Fates Foreseen (blue / red)
Scry is a useful ability that gives you control over your future draw steps. The "Fates Foreseen" deck is based around casting spells that give you additional benefits for scrying and setting up ways to scry repeatedly. Link together a chain of these spells and thwart your opponent's best laid plans. 

Pantheon's Power (white / black)
The "Pantheon's Power" deck is based around the constellation mechanic, an ability on enchantments that gives you a benefit every time an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control. Build up an array of constellation cards and watch their power amplify.

Voracious Rage (black / red)
The "Voracious Rage" deck boasts a horde of powerful and aggressive Minotaurs. Many of these creatures bolster your other Minotaurs and make them truly ferocious in combat. Build up a formidable force, and then smash your opponents down.

The Wilds and the Deep (green / blue)
"The Wilds and the Deep" features the monstrosity ability, which allows you to pay a lump sum of mana to permanently increase a creature's power and toughness. Just when your opponent thinks everything is under control, your monstrosity creatures can grow to unfathomable size. Power out your large monsters early, and make them unstoppable late. 


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