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FTV Annihilation Rumor

UPDATE 5.01.2014  - almost certainly Fake as we had cautioned.
Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Some rather interesting late-day Magic: the Gathering news.  Just as we were planning our Journey into Nyx purchases and brewing up new or modifying existing decklists for standard constructed, a rumor had popped up that the entire From the Vault: Annihilation decklist was spoiled.  FTV: Annihilation is not due to be released until the end of summer (22nd August) and we were not expecting any spoilers (or official previews) for quite some time.

Redditor 'thegreatpablo' had posted two images from a source who claims to have snapped the pic of what appears to be the back of the packaging where previously all 15 of the FTV cards are provided along with contents text and some flavor text for that product - as shown below in the FTV: Realms packaging.

Anywhoos - here are the two images that were posted which we've merged together to get a sense of how realistic the images were.  PLEASE REMEMBER - these are unofficial and could very well be fake.

UPDATE : 5.01.2014
The MTG community at large had provided a number of inconsistencies which all add up to the images being faked.  There is a special ring in hell reserved for fakers btw.
The list of the 15 cards -

Armageddon (new art)
Burning of Xinye
Cataclysm (new art)
Child of Alara
Decree of Annihilation
Firespout (new art)
Fracturing gust
Living death (new art)
Martial Coup
Rolling Earthquake
Smokestack ( new art)
Virtue's Ruin
Wrath of God (new art)


This indeed could be a clever fake but should the list be true, colour us impressed - we're liking what we're seeing. 

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