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MTG Nemesis

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Today marks the very last Friday Night Magic event before the Magic: the Gathering game format evolution when the next Journey into Nyx set is released next weekend.  In the forefront of players thoughts are this weekend's Journey into Nyx PreRelease event.  

Our local gaming store, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario is running multiple events all weekend long including a midnight event tonight.  Join MTG Realm at OMG! Games at the Saturday morning PreRelease event when someone's name will be drawn to win a very cool Power 9 Pro Dragon's Egg Tournament Bag.

Anywhoos, as we look forward to the new Journey into Nyx set we can't help but also look back.  Today's post is a bit of nostalgia for us - here's a quick look at two Nemesis Intro Packs we picked up a long time ago . . .

For eons the twisted machine rulers of the hellish world of Phyrexia have watched Dominaria, world of magic. For centuries they have plotted their invasion and conquest of this world. Now the long-awaited time is approaching.

The plans of the Dark Lord have assumed their final shape. On the artificial plane of Rath, staging ground for the invasion, the Phyrexians prepare to stop their greatest enemy, one who has combated them down through the millennia, one who alone can halt their attack: Urza Planeswalker.  

Nemesis released in February 2000 as the second set and first small expansion in the Masques block.  The Masques block is a Magic: The Gathering block that is set on the planes of Mercadia, Rath, and plane of Dominaria. It consisted of Mercadian Masques (October 1999), Nemesis (February 2000), and Prophecy (June 2000). The Masques block was the first set that is not subject to Wizards of the Coast's Reprint Policy.  Here are our two Intro Packs we picked up -

Eruption Nemesis Theme Deck
Eruption is bubbling over with creatures that can spell death to your rivals. Anything they fail to destroy is fodder for the laccolith and flowstone brutes that inhabit this deck.

Mercenaries Nemesis Theme Deck
With Mercenaries you enlist an infantry of vile fiends to do your bidding. Where there is one, there are many as you use these creatures' recruiting ability to spawn other monstrosities until the victory is secured.


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