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Journey into Nyx Spoilers 2

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Welcome to day two of official Journey into Nyx spoilers and previews.  With pre-release events taking place at the end of the month (April 26 - 27), we are off to a fast start to preview the 165 new Magic: the Gathering cards in this the third and last set in Theros block.  Local gaming stores are already preparing for pre-release and release events and so are we.  As you may know, our main game is standard constructed and to a lesser extent Commander and Modern format.  Yesterday we started to our list of 'must have' cards we will want to pre-order from MTG Mint Card and with today's new previews, we'll be adding to that list.  Anywhoos, let's have a looky-loo now - 

Keranos, God of Storms, 3UR
Legendary Enchantment Creature - God, mythic rare
As long as your devotion to blue and red is less than seven, Keranos isn't a creature.
Reveal the first card you draw on each of your turns. Whenever you reveal a land card this way draw a card. Whenever you reveal a nonland card this way, Keranos deals 3 damage to target creature or player.
Illus. Daarken     6/5 

We'll never feel bad drawing a land when we don't need one.  We fully expect a control build to come out of this.
Godsend, 1WW
Legendary Artifact - Equipment, mythic rare
Equipped creature gets +3/+3
Whenever equipped creature blocks or is blocked by one or more creatures you may exile one of them. Your opponents can't cast cards with the same name of a card exiled by godsend.
Equip 3
Illus. Daniel Ljunggren

We had completely expected this to be an enchantment artifact as the storyline indicates this weapon is from Nyx.  We are excited to get this artifact into a deck along with vigilance or first strike creatures.

Dictate of the Twin Gods, 3RR
Enchantment, rare
If a source would deal damage to a permanent or player, it deals double that damage to that permanent or player instead.
Iroas and Mogis are as different in appearance as they are in personality.
Illus. Jaime Jones

Perhaps not the best fit for standard constructed but we are liking this for surprise shenanigans.

Dictate of Kruphix, 1UU
Enchantment, rare
At the beginning of each player's draw step, that player draws an additional card.
"Knowledge is cruel. It will break your heart and test your allegiances. Are you certain you want this curse?"
Illus. Daarken 

Again, another sweet addition to Commander.  There may also be a chance that some players may want to test this in a mono-blue devotion strategy.


Doomwake Giant, 4B
Enchantment Creature - Giant, rare
Constellation - Whenever Doomwake Giant or another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, creatures your opponents control get -1/-1 until end of turn.
Crippling fear precedes it. A foul stench accompanies it. Death follows in its wake.
Illus. Kev Walker     4/6

Love that flavor text.  A decent constellation effect, especially if you can swing dropping a few cheap casting cost enchantments on the game table to provide a one-sided board wipe effect.
 Spawn of Thraxes, 5RR
Creature - Dragon
When Spawn of Thraxes enters the battlefield, it deals damage to target creature or player equal to the number of Mountains you control.
Sparks from Purphoros's forge fill the belly of every dragon.
Illus. Svetlin Velinov     5/5 

Sweet art!  Hello mono-red.  Could be a decent pick in limited format and certainly a good addition to the right Commander stack as well.


Scourge of Fleets, 5UU
Creature - Kraken, rare
When Scourge of Fleets enters the battlefield, return each creature your opponents control with toughness X or less to its owner's hand, where X is the number of Islands you control.
Illus. Steven Belledin     6/6

We definitely want to this to be a start player in Commander.  We're thinking about providing a flicker effect to keep the board clean (with Deadeye Navigator) or dropping this into a strategy with Quest for Ula's Temple.  


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