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DD Speed vs. Cunning

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Yesterday was pretty busy on the mothersite.  Along with that very awesome Planeswalker's Guide to Journey to Nyx and the stunning illustrations / card art previews 'n' storyline was another product announcement in the Magic Arcana section - the next Duel Decks product.

Duel Decks are a series of theme decks that started in 2007 with Elves vs. Goblins. They contain two 60-card decks designed and developed specifically to be played against each other by two people. 

Deck Design and Deck Development: Chris Millar and Sam Stoddard
Official Three-Letter Code: DDN
Twitter Hashtag: #MTGSVC
Languages Available: English, Japanese
Release Date: September 5, 2014
Magic Online Release Date: October 6, 2014
MSRP: $19.99

WotC staffer TJ also provided this important note - For those of you curious about the DDN three-letter code, we give Duel Decks a three-letter code of DD + an incrementing letter of the English alphabet (regardless of deck name.) The previous Duel Deck, Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska, was officially DDM, and the next Duel Deck will be DDO..  The Speed vs. Cunning will be the first Duel Decks released with Magic's new card frames, so the "DDN" three-letter code will be printed in the lower left of each card in the deck.

There was also some flavor provided -

Racing across the blazing steppe, the wave of attackers crests the barren hills. Nothing can stop their reckless advance. These warriors live fast, fight hard, and strike terror into the hearts of those in their path. The scarred countryside seems abandoned. Then, suddenly, hidden fighters spring from ambush. The overconfident enemy recoils in surprise, outflanked and outsmarted. Who will prevail, the swift or the sly?
We seriously suspect several cards in this Duel Decks product to be part of the fall expansion set, which popular belief holds to be 'Warlords of Khanar' / 'Khans of Tarkir' / 'Dragons of Tarkir'.  The flavor text, just as the fall expansion names evoke a sense of a Mongolian warrior setting of sorts.  Most definitely looking forward to this.  We'll leave you off with a round-up of previous Duel Deck products -

List of Duel Decks
• Elves vs. Goblins - 11.16.2007
• Jace vs. Chandra - 11.07.2008
• Divine vs. Demonic - 4.10.2009
• Garruk vs. Liliana - 10.30.2009
• Phyrexia vs. The Coalition - 3.19.2010
• Elspeth vs. Tezzeret - 9.03.2010
• Knights vs. Dragons - 4.01.2011
• Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas - 9.02.2011
• Venser vs. Koth - 3.30.2012
• Izzet vs. Golgari - 9.07.2012
• Sorin vs. Tibalt - 3.15.2013
• Heroes vs. Monsters - 9.06.2013
• Jace vs. Vraska - 3.14.2014
• Speed vs. Cunning - 9.05.2014

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