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PreRelease Preparation

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

 The very last Journey into Nyx previews were previewed on Friday, and now Magic: the Gathering players all have eyes to this coming weeekend's PreRelease events.  For more information on this weekend's fun events, please check out the mothersite's PreRelease Info Page, this handy guide posted today on the Wizards of the Coast MTG page, and to find a store near you running a PreRelease event - the handy Store & Event Locator.  We'll be planning to get in one (or perhaps two) events at OMG! Games here in Barrie so we can try two different colours, and after the events, check the new cards against our wishlist and finalise our pre-order with MTG Mint Card.

This PreRelease is similar to previous ones before that like Theros and Born of the Gods, where you pick your fav colour and get the corresponding Journey into Nyx PreRelease Pack which has everything you need to play in the sealed deck format.  Each PreRelease pack has the following goodies including your PreRelease Promo card -

• 2 Journey into Nyx booster packs
• 2 Theros™ booster packs
• 1 Born of the Gods™ booster pack
• 1 Seeded booster pack
• 1 Premium promo card
• 1 Activity card
• 1 Spindown life counter
• 1 Welcome Letter
• 1 Hero Card

Here's the very lovely foil alternate art PreRelease Promo cards in each of the colours -

 Dawnbringer Charioteers
Promo art by Volkan Baga
Regular art by Ryan Alexander Lee

Scourge of the Fleets
Promo art by Adam Paquette
Regular art by Steven Belledin
Doomwake Giant
Promo art by Nils Hamm
Regular art by Kev Walker

Spawn of Thraxes
Promo art by Jason Rainville
Regular art by Swetlin Velinov

Heroe's Bane
Promo Art by Volkan Baga
Regular art by RAymond Swanland

Remember to check in with your store to make sure whether they need to take reservations (as sometimes it can be rather crowded), and confirm time(s) of the events.  If you're in Central Ontario (north of Toronto), we'll see you at OMG! Games next weekend.


Marvel Sutantio said...

After looking through the complete spoiler, IMO the best colors are
White, Blue, Green, Black, Red, in that order.

White has Deicide, Banishing Light, Ajani's Presence, the pre release Charioteers, Lagona Band Trailblazer, Tethmos High Priest combined with targeting spells such as the aforementioned Ajani's Presence, Mortal Obstinacy & Launch the Fleet is crazy good.

Blue has some great stuff too, since this is an enchantment set, you're almost guaranteed to have
one in your card pool. Using Daring Thief, you can exchange your measly enchantment for an opponent's God, now THAT's a powerful "removal". Hour of Need can save your creatures AND give you flying 4/4 sphinx(es), Kiora's Dismissal can be a powerful "sweeper", Riptide Chimera is just big with a bonus to reuse and trigger auras and/or heroics, as well as constellations.

Green has ways to destroy and filter enchantments, Consign to Dust, Kruphix's Insight are nice. But my favorite thing about green are Heroes' Bane (the second best pre-release card), Golden Hind, Font of Fertility + Constellation cards, Nessian Game Warden, Reviving Melody, and the gigantic
Swarmborn Giant.

Honestly I'm having trouble deciding between those 3 colors.

as for the bottom 2, Black has some good removals but Red is just bad imo. Overcosted targeted / mass removal, so-so creatures, IMO just avoid Red. I think I'd go with either white or green. Playing WU is really recommended IMO, both have strong heroic cards and enablers.

CopySix said...

Awesome evaluation! Thanks - I was being lazy and attempt an evaluation for sealed mid-week to see which prerelease pack I might want to go with but it appears you've done most of the leg work. :)