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Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Being Magic: the Gathering players, most of us have some sort of collector's streak within us.  Whether we are driven to collect every Charging Badger (Born of the Gods) we come across or the spindown life counter of every MTG set, there is a certain satisfaction to acquire and add to that collection.  Some common collections players often start on is assembling at least one of each set, every variant artwork for an individual card, or every Planeswalker ever printed - the only limiting factors may be the budget, the available time put into acquisitions / organisation and the rarity of the item wanted to collect.  In the past, we've ordered extra singles from MTG Mint Card based partially on card art or to complete a particular design cycle, but due to lack of funds (which equals lack of fun) here at MTG Realm, we restrict ourselves to just a few collection 'kinks' - namely, every new IDW MTG comic which we maintain sealed and a Fat Pack for each set which is put to use in storing our card collection as shown below.

Admittedly not very rare or exotic.  Beyond cards, there are numerous MTG-related items to collect, like rare figurines, pins, playmats, or apparel (like the offerings over at MTG Merch).
A recent post by  vatechguy (Adam Richards) over on Reddit gave us a N3rdgasm over his collection which was varied, rare, and very well presented in a display cabinet.

Stunningly beautiful.
Pins, special sealed product, promotional items - this collection is lovely.  We are torn that some of the sealed product is still sealed and not enjoyed being played but at the same time we would totally do this provided we had a second sealed product to rip open and game with.

Anywhoos - drop a comment in below - What sort of Magic: the Gathering collection do you have, or would you have if you could?

Anywhoos - make sure to stay tuned to daily posts this week and most definitely tune in for official Journey to Nyx previews start up on the mothersite next week (Monday 7th April 2014).

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Mondryn said...

I used to collect nonbasic lands since the collection would never be "finished". My goal was to get one of each. I still have a lot of them, but there were a few Dark Years where I wasn't playing the game. After that, the lands that I don't have are just way too expensive (like Diamond Valley, Tabernacle of Pendrell Vale, and Gaea's Cradle) to make it financially feasible. If money were no object, though, I'd absolutely try to complete the collection.