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Monday MTG Miscellaney

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Although that nasty deep freeze continues in our neck of the woods here in Barrie, Ontario, we did warm up with a good measure of Magic: the Gathering this weekend.  Starting off with Friday Night Magic (on Friday), Born of the Gods Game Day on Saturday at OMG! Games, and some great casual games at the kitchen table on Sunday, we had a full weekend.  At FNM, we went with a Orzhov weenie rush decklist and lost terribly.  Inbetween rounds, we played a Red / Green Monsters build which performed beautifully.  The next day for BNG Game Day we decided to go with RG Monsters which flopped completely and inbetween rounds we played the weenies which won every time - guess there was no winning.  We do have a few singles coming in from MTG Mint Card to shore up both decks which will help with the ever evolving local metagame here.

Anywhoos, as today's article title suggests, we are catching up with our sister site on Tumblr with a variety of MTG related goodies -

Magic: the Gathering - FNM Round-UP
Friday Night Magic alternate art Promo Cards so far for 2014:
January 2014 FNM Promo
Warleader’s Helix
Original art by Greg Staples, alternate art by Wesley Burt.

February 2014 FNM Promo
Elvish Mystic
Original art by Wesley Burt, alternate art by Winona Nelson.

March 2014 FNM Promo
Banisher Priest
Original art by Willian Murai, alternate art by James Zapata

April 2014 FNM Promo
Encroaching Wastes
Original art by Noah Bradley, alternate art by Richard Wright

May 2014 FNM Promo
Tormented Hero
Original art by Winona Nelson, alternate art by Wesley Burt

Magic: the Gathering - GAME DAY this weekend
Your chance to Battle the Horde.
Magic: the Gathering - Conspiracy !
Upcoming Ultra•PRO products Magic: The Gathering® – Conspiracy™ -
86168 or E-86168 Dual Deck Box® & Deck Protector® Sleeve Combo Features: • Large Dual Deck Box includes 80 sleeves and 2 matching Dividers • 1 per shrink wrap • 30 per case • MSRP $17.99 each

86169 or E-86169 Play Mat Features: • Made in the USA! • 1 per display box • 12 per case • MSRP $21.99 each
Magic: the Gathering - Wallpaper
This week’s ‘Wallpaper of the Week' installment, called Anax Duels the Rageblood does not feature an art from a card but rather an epic illustration from artist Peter Mohrbacher.  WotC indicates this is a scene from the upcoming Theros-block eNovel ‘Godsend' by Jenna Helland (which we are most definitely excited to get when it releases in April, 2014).

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