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MTG Black Tie

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

A few convergent events kept us this weekend away from any sort of Magic: the Gathering gameplay.  Certainly there was meteorological interference in the form of yet another early spring blizzard Friday evening here in Central Ontario which only played a small part in our final decision not to head over to OMG! Games for the Friday Night Magic event.  First and foremost however is that we had to get into a suit and off to London (Ontario) for a relative's wedding and needed an early start Saturday morning.  Friday evening was spent instead looking at some new singles we wanted to pick up from the latest Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska from MTG Mint Card.

Somewhat à propos, we do have a story about a suit, an FNM event and London, though not the University city in South-western Ontario, but London, UK.  Here's a very cool story about a formal black tie affair held at Dark Sphere in London this last Friday, 21st March.  Following, a brief description and some photographs taken by Thomas Ralph of for the Formal FNM event -

As a response to the well-publicised incident by the photographer and blogger at GP Richmond (the MTG Realm article here for reference), London store Dark Sphere invited any interested players to wear black tie or other formal clothes to the FNM on Friday March 21st. I was pleased to be able to volunteer to photograph the occasion.

What a very great idea.  We have to admit we have not had the pleasure receiving draft packs on a silver platter but would love to try this.  Thanks to Dark Sphere staff for organising this and Thomas Ralph for the photographs

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