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Naya Hexproof

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

We are freshly returned from the Friday Night Magic event last evening at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario.  As spring break is wrapping up this week, attendance was only slightly deminished with a field of 36 players.  As with most gaming stores around the world, popular decks are approximately reflected to that of the winning decklists from Magic: the Gathering Online.  Mono-Black (and mon-blue devotion to a lesser extent), Esper Control, Jund Monsters, and a variety of others.  

We took along a Naya (green / white / red) Hexproof or 'auras' decklist, whose strategy employs as the name suggests, slapping strong auras on hexproof creatures.  Although we did not make Top 8 with 3 wins and 2 losses, we do feel that with a few fine adjustments (perhaps a card or two from MTG Mint Card), we can break through.

Here's the list as it stood yesterday.  Starting off with the auras you want to enchant your creatures with, there are full booksets of four each for -
• Chained to the Rocks (removal)
• Ethereal Armor (buffs)
• Madcap Skills (buff and conditional evasion)
• Unflinching Courage (lifelink 'n' trample)

Creatures can be a little less straight forward with regards to choices - 
• Gladecover Scout and Witchstalker are definitely essential and a four-of by default.
• There is a two / two split with Voice of Resurgence and Fleecemane Lion which may be adjusted via sideboard.
• The local meta-game requires additional punch through and a deckset of Ghor-Clan Rampager fits this role and is used mostly for it's Bloodrush ability

Other spells included -
• A deckset of Boros Charm, whose flexibility provides additional pump, protection from board sweepers and a nice ping for 4 damage which won two matches last night.
• Just two (other two in sideboard) of Selesnya Charm which can exile the new 'god' cards, provide pump / trample or a surprise blocker.  This card was sided-out most games for Mizzium Mortars.

Lastly, the mana-base to make it all run - 
4 forest, 1 plains, 4 Temple Garden, 4 Stomping Ground, 4 Sacred Foundry, 3 Temple of Triumph, and 2 Temple of Abandon.  We thought the scry-lands were decent and helped reduce bad draws.

Not altogether bad and we think there is room for improvement - your constructive criticism is most welcome!


Marvel Sutantio said...

I made an interesting Aura Build for my Game Day deck, even though I didn't managed to attend said event, I did managed to playtest it with favorable results in both the Decked Builder App and in the kitchen table lol.

It's a GW Chromanticore Deck

The key to the deck is using Hero of Iroas along with other auto +1/+1 Heroic triggers and Ordeal of Nylea.

Key cards are:
- Hero of Iroas
- Ordeal of Nylea
- Chosen by Heliod
- Karametra's Favor
- Chromanticore

Supporting cards are:
- Eidolon of Countless Battles
- Fleecemane Lion
- Phalanx Leader / Favored Hoplite
- Loxodon Smiter

Aside from shocklands and scrylands, I included 1 of each basic lands.

Since Hero of Iroas along with Favored Hoplite and / or Phalanx Leader auto +1/+1 themselves, it will quicken Ordeal of Nylea's trigger. I don't think many people
realized just how powerful the ramp that card can do in this standard era. It's Explosive Vegetation, but cheaper and has a bonus of activating heroics.

Aandd why Chosen by Heliod & Karametra's Favor? They're cantrips! With more card draws,
triggering heroic and mana smoothing I can bestow Chromanticore with pretty good consistency.

With Iroas cheapening auras and the ramp, I can Bestow the Chromanticore in 4-5 turns.
Even if it's killed by Ultimate Price, Doom Blade, Supreme Verdict or something, the Chromanticore will just come into play, keeping the pressure. And seriously, with
Chosen by Heliod's +0/+2 buff and +1/+1 trigger, Anger of the Gods, Magma Jet and the like can't kill the creatures.

Even if I don't managed to get the key cards, I can still beat down using the Fleecemane Lion, Loxodon Smiter & Eidolon of Countless Battles. The mana ramp / smoothing can be used to activate the Lion's Monstrous ability.

It's a pretty interesting deck that has potential in the current standard IMO. And will be even cooler after Journey to Nyx is out.

What do you think about it? :D

CopySix said...

Dang! You did it yet again! I am always seriously impressed with the unique and viable lists you generate and this is no different. This looks great and even better fits on a budget. Thanks! - I just might need to give this a try out. :)

Marvel Sutantio said...

You're very welcome man, aw shucks you're making me blush lol. I'm no GP level player, just your average Johnny / Spike player.... more of a Johnny come to think of it.

Try and tweak it out and see how it goes for you. Hope you have a great time with it. It's a great deck concept for block constructed too btw. I had the initial idea for block, but expanded into standard. If you're lucky enough, you can even use it in sealed lol.

And I think it's just a matter of time before everyone realize the ramp power of Ordeal of Nylea ;)