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GP Richmond

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

This weekend will witness one of the largest constructed format Magic: the Gathering events of all time - Grand Prix Richmond.  Players from around the world, and most definitely from the east coast are right now getting ready to game with their Modern Format decklists.  Attendance has been capped at 5,000 players and there is a chance, given that there are over 3,900 already pre-registered, that the 5K mark might get hit.  As we have no cast (and no time off from work), we won't be going but still will be taking in the Friday Night Magic event this evening at OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario, Canada-Land.  All the very best of luck to those attending, and whether you will be playing Splinter Twin, Melira Pod, Affinity, or Zoo, we're certain there will be fun 'n' excitement packed in over the course of this weekend.

For details, check out the following linkies -
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Here's a few shots of the crowds already gathering and the Richmond Convention Center Hall ready to receive . . .


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