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GP Richmond 2014

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

The big Magic: the Gathering news perhaps all of this month is the (Modern Format) Grand Prix Richmond tournament taking place this weekend (March 7-9) at the Greater Richmond Event Center.  As there is no Saturday registration for this tournament, players have been pre-registering and as of yesterday there is an estimated 2,800 players signed up making this perhaps the largest constructed MTG event to go in the books.  Last year's Modern tourney in Detroit witnessed over 1,400 players and the 2010 GP Madrid event (Legacy format) had over 2,200.  The Judge conference taking place ahead of the tournament also might be breaking a record with over 340 Judges anticipated to attend.

The GP Richmond prize pool is anticipated to be $54,000 with cash prizes being payed out all the way down to 150th place.  Drop by this website for all the latest information and registration.  Even if you do not make it into a prize bracket, you still are walking away with a good deal of swag.  Basic registration will slide your way the following goodies - 

• Exclusive Eternal Witness playmat
• Set of five commemorative tokens
• One month Premium voucher
• Grand Prix promotional foil Batterskull
• deck box

Apparently there was concern from the gaming community that the tournament organizer would run out of the playmats.  To this end, SCG indicates they have already ordered more.

As for what the field will hold in terms of decklists, we're happy to say it is expected to be varied, an indication of just how healthy the format is.  Expect to see these popular builds over the weekend -

Splinter Twin / Affinity / Melira Pod / UWR Control / Zoo / Scapeshift / UR Storm /Jund / Ad Nauseam / Merfolk / Bogles / RG Tron 

We do have a Bogles list only half done and need a handful of critical cards from MTG Mint Card to complete it.  For a summary for all Pro Tour Born of the Gods Modern decklists from Valencia which made 18 or more points in ten rounds, drop by this page on the mothersite.  

Good luck to all who are going!  

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