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AVR PreRelease

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We want to hear about how your Avacyn Restored PreRelease event went on the weekend.  How did you do? Which cards were you impressed with in your sealed build?  What did you pull?

Anywhoos - we went to the AVR PreRelease on Sunday at OMG! Games and Collectibles, here in Barrie, Ontario and had a blast.  Rares pulled by yours truly CopySix and RStomp of MTG Realm were as follows :

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, Cavern of Souls, Vexing Devil, Entreat the Angels, Angel  of Jubilation, Somberwald Sage, Burn at the Stake,
Descendants' Path, Divine Deflection, Ulvenwald Tracker, Herald of War, Wild Defiance.

Enough yattering, lets have a look at the video -

CopySix's pool was fairly deep in White and Blue, and a bit thinner in the remaining colours.  We would have rather liked to have played Red / Green but felt it would not quite get us there, so Blue / White it was.

RStomp went with a White / Blue build as well.  After the event and re-evaluating his pool kicked himself for not committing to a Red / White build.

Here's a pic of the collective rares pulled . . .

One last thingy before we sign-off on this post - we suggest you inquire whether your local gaming store will be running an Avacyn Launch Friday Night Magic event.  We'll be headed out to OMG! Games again this Friday to hopefully score a lovely looking foil Restoration Angel.

Also of note - 
The Avacyn Restored artwork is exceptional - especially the lands.  Upgrade 'em to foils we say.  Check out the great prices at MTG Mint Card and pre-order that foily goodness.

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