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PAX East Magic 2013

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

We hope you are having a Happy Easter weekend so far.  If you are anywhere near Boston, Massachusetts and happen to be a regular reader of the MTG Realm blog, then chances are you are attending the PAX East (Penny Arcade) Gaming exposition.  This year's exposition, Wizards of the Coast is making a splash with their gaming line-ups which should also catch the attention of Magic the Gathering fans.  

At 4:30 p.m. today, the Magic the Gathering panel will start featuring presentations, announcement, a question and answer session and most importantly - Avacyn Restored spoilers.  Stay tuned for another post this evening or early tomorrow reviewing all the news.

For this post, we wanted to cover off the multitude of hints dropped by Wizards for the upcoming Magic 2013 Core Set.  From the swag provided to PAX East attendees, Boot displays, and video screen promos, there is little doubt that there is a significant chance that Nicol Bolas may be making a debut in this set.  

There is still a chance that this Elder Dragon will only be seen in the Duels of the Planeswalker digital game 'Magic 2013' but quite a few fans are are thinking that Bolas will also make it into cardboard print too.  From one screen shot at PAX East, there appears to be SIX Planeswalkers - Nicol Bolas AND perhaps the five 'Walkers from the last set.  Only time will tell.

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