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Happy Sunday MTG peeps,

If you missed our last post, we suggest you check out the Avacyn Restored spoilers before moving onto today's content.  Sill here ?  Good - here is a brief summary of some items of interest that the Magic: The Gathering panel at PAX East provided on  Saturday. The panel kicked off previews for Avacyn Restored and featured senior creative designer Brady Dommermuth, development manager and Pro Tour Hall of Famer David Humpherys, developer Dave Guskin, and brand manager Paul Levy. Avacyn Restored card previews begin at at midnight tonight !

Avacyn Restored new and returning Mechanics include Undying, Soulbond, and Miracle.

Cards with new 'Miracle' mechanics such as Thunderous Wrath allow you to cast that card for its Miracle cost when you draw it if it’s the first card you drew that turn.  Cards with the 'Miracle' mechancic have a new frame treatment to assist players by reminding them to reveal it when they draw that card.  This mechanic may be found in all colours except for black.

Another new Avacyn Restored mechanic is ‘Soulbound’.  Cards with this mechanic, such as Silverblade Paladin, allow you may pair this creature with another unpaired creature when either enters the battlefield. They remain paired for as long as you control both of them and provide the effect as stated on the card, where in the case of Silverblade Paladin provides double strike for both creatures.  

Avacyn Restored Angel Theme
There is an Angel theme in the set but these are not limited to white as we see the the green / white multicolour angel Sigarda, Host of Herons.  Some angels are 'warrior like', while others may be 'rogue like'.  Avacyn Restored's host of newly empowered angels are organised under a 'Legendary Messenger' into three flights.  These 'flights' of angels are rumoured to be 'Alabaster', 'Azure', and 'Jade', while Demons, Devils, and other dark creatures are confined to black and red.

Also of note -
There was an announcement that this fall's expansion set would be 'Return to Ravinca'.  The first Ravinca was a much loved set with most MTG fans.

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